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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Smokey Trails

Typical me - not changing out of my Sunday dress to continue on for the day's adventures.  After lunch, Michelle, Caroline, and I drove over to Mount Greylock - the highest peak in Massechusetts.  Winding roads and a visitor centre pointed the way to the peak where we found a tower to climb with 92 steps and great views of 5 states.  It was slightly cloudy today, but the view was still astounding. 
On the way down the North side of the mountain, the three of us were commenting on the lush greenery, searching for more black bears when we started to smell something fierce.  When we got to a spot where we could pull over (thankfully at the bottom) we noticed that smoke was pouring out of the front passenger tire.  We let Winnie, the car, rest while we walked up the road and found a farm house with children playing outside.  The pregnant mother didn't know where we were on the map and the young father didn't think any garages would be open on a Sunday.  They did say though that smoking down the mountain was kind of normal if you ride your breaks all the way down. 

Sitting on the side of the road, we lifted the hood to see if there were any good samaritans.  The next man to pass by was another local who said that smoking was normal, let it cool and continue on our way... so that's what we did.  We slowly took off from there, and much to my surprise we found a garage open (with two minutes to spare) and a mechanic took a look.  He also said it was no problem, the breaks just got hot.  Hmm, interesting.  But at least I feel more comfortable driving my car now.  We explored the town of North Adams before heading back to our residence for supper. 

I made Bahmi Goreng for dinner... yum yum.

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