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Monday, July 6, 2020

Glad to be in Gulu/Birthday Blessings

So far, during our first three weeks in Gulu, we have explored our way around town, gotten to know a few new people, and enjoyed our unique and cool home.
 There is a great coffee shop called "The Iron Donkey"... we have gone a few times, just to get out of the compound.  :)  Abella is a beautiful young lady who lives right next door to us, and happen to know her well from Soroti days - I've watched her grow up since she was about 12.  She is super helpful, insightful, and a treasure to our days here.
I love the Gulu main market - so much more diverse produce than in Soroti.  Here I can get leeks, spring onions, red, yellow and large green peppers, Chinese cabbage lettuce, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, butternut squash and more.  Yeah for us!
 Moses super surprised me for my birthday... I came out of bed and found the sitting room decorated with balloons and streamers.
 He made homemade waffles for breakfast.
 We stopped at Iron Donkey on our way out of town, and they gave me a free treat!!
 We drove two hours and found a sweet lodge for an overnight getaway.
 Tent number three was our sleeping place of choice.
 When we relaxed on our porch, we could oversee the White Nile.  At night I heard hippos chomping on the grass in the campsite.
 I loved being able to swim once again!
 The cook even asked me what I wanted for dinner and presented a delicious dish!
 Fort Murchison has such a great ambiance!
 I appreciate trees with a little bit of character.
 Fun with Flora
 Oh ya, in the morning, these notes were hidden all around the house.  So cherished!
 Murchison Falls National Park is in the background.
 A Sausage Tree
 Moses was practising his camera skills.
 Well, so was I. :)
 The gardens were peaceful.
 Welcome to our nature lodge.  I am so grateful that we could have some special time together.
 Canada Day found me at an old school dentist.  I had to have a back molar filled, since I simply lost an old filling.
 Back at home... I love our new home.
 Bolt always welcomes us home.
 Here is the curriculum that is being developed for private/Christian schools in Uganda.  I'm going to help with editing the materials and giving it an African context.  Moses hopes to develop a training video for the "Roots to Fruits" curriculum.
And on a fun note... I found gardener charging his phone battery the other day.  Yikes!! I couldn't pull that off if I tried.
That's a quick welcome to our new place.

Some last Soroti Shots

It's hard to believe that I finished 10 plus years in Soroti while  under quarantine.  A lot of time has been spent at home in the past three months and we have just been enjoying the simplicity of life.
 I've never seen such brilliant red, fuzzy bugs before in my adventures.
 One Sunday morning Moses and I had spent time thanking the Lord for how He provides for our needs.  We put some beans in the pressure cooker... and then started church online... getting distracted, we burnt the beans.  So, we didn't have anything prepared for lunch, but then there came a knock at the gate... and pizza was delivered. 
  A yummy rabbit cacciatore was delivered just a few hours after that.  Our God knows our needs and replaces our gifts!
 Moses learned "more" on how to do puzzles by helping me occasionally.
 One day bees flooded our compound when I accidentally left honey outside.
 One morning we watched new baby chicks make their way out of the coop for the first time.
 And I played with this Easter chick who was left behind in the coop.
 We spent 7 months in this compound.
 With everything being online now days, I could even attend a "Writer's Nest" group meeting.  What a blessing to meet with these sweet people once again!
 Moses has been working on translating some of our training materials into the Ateso language.
 I've always loved spending time with Teddy and Grace... and we've been working on a few crafts together.
 My adorable BOLT
 Fluffy - my faithful mama (I'm going to miss having chickens in the new compound)
 Just a few weeks before leaving we cleaned out our water tank because our drinking water was starting to smell fishy - now I know why!!  Yuck.
 On the day that Uganda lifted the driving ban, I drove to town with joy.  I was going to visit a friend for the first time in two months, but that had to be postponed when I wiped out at the supermarket.  It was a full oopsy - I threw the groceries, almost landed on my face, embarrassed myself... and Moses had to drive home after I found him in the market.  Our friends who owned the supermarket were upset that I didn't come in to clean up, but I was just wanting to go home.  :)
 Bolt loves chasing sticks and playing with Moses!
 Packing up...
 We filled a lorry and our car to the brim... I didn't think we had that much stuff.  Yikes!
 During an evening with friends, Moses was able to experience something new...
 Virtual Reality!! Man, did we have a few good laughs.
 Moses loves reading "The Daily Monitor" and listening to American politics.  This time he was able to share the latest news with his relatives in the village.  We went to check on his stepmom and relatives and animals before settling in Gulu.
 Here we are visiting the neighbours/cousins who help us out so much in the village.
 The young boy is little Moses Odel.  :)  I love watching the kids relax and tell stories.
 Maize / corn is a filling snack... hard and chewy like cow corn.
 The ladies always want to show me the smokey kitchen... I'm amazed at how many hours they can cook in a place where I find it difficult to breathe!
 The simsim (Sesame) is set up for drying.  It is often turned into paste and added to many dishes, like a peanut sauce.
 I was invited to celebrate a few birthdays - 10 people, 4 continents, and loads of fun!
 Saying goodbye to my sister Rose... we lived together for 7 years.
 Wiffle ball... great exercise with great company
 Cute chicks - they were all brought to the village, we didn't take them to Gulu.
 Two young men came over to build a savings box with some of our scrap wood.  :)  The money is sealed in for good keeping.
Our last lesson to learn in Soroti was how to slaughter and skin a rabbit.  Our vet friend, Daniel, was very informative!!
So long, Soroti!