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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

February Favorites

February started with us having to drive to Kampala to bring the girls to boarding school...
 Traffic is crazy at the beginning of school terms.
 Then we headed to Lwala village to training 19 church leaders from 7 different PAG churches, on how to use the OneHope Sunday school curriculum.
 We mentor in drama and creative teaching techniques...
 And also share the Bible background to the importance of children's ministry.
 It's fun teaching as a team, along with our good friend and training colleague, Okiro Peter.  Moses was sharing about multiple intelligences and how to get the best out of your children in the classroom.
 Curriculum was dispersed for all these churches and I am grateful for the partnership of OneHope!!
The village pastor was also super happy!
 Trainings also mean reports... so some days there is computer work in the office.
 Also, accounting, office reports, donor relations take up office time.  
 I'm delighted that Moses is using his gifts in music ministry once again.  Whether bass or accoustic guitar...
Or the keyboard.
 We have been studying through the Book of Acts, and 2020 is a year of Action!! So at church we are serving tea and Breaking the Bread together with everyone.  The added fellowship is a blessing to the congregation and allows relationships to grow.
 We have been serving about 155 people each week!!
 Mandazi (donuts) and tea all around! 
 A joy to serve
 People line up with excitement.
 Moses also served through painting.
 Sharing the Tea Ministry/Breaking the Break at church...
Here you go, child of God!
 Sometimes we need to fill our days with medical stuff.  Follow up for me or a chiropractor for Moses.
 This past weekend we went to visit another missionary family, to check out their ministry and pray over the area.  We stayed in this really cool "sandbag" hut/house... the windows are at eye level when standing inside.
 Please pray for this awesome ministry - a new Christian curriculum called "Roots to Fruits" for nursery and primary students.  We would love to see this curriculum find it's way into many private schools in Uganda once the material is finished being written!
And we finished the month with a tasty Ethiopian meal.
God is faithful.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Kids Camp at Rockview

January 6-11, 2020

Galatians 5:22-23 English Standard Version (ESV)

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.
These photos are not really in order... as this was preparation for the last day... the closing ceremony.  I spent 5 hours baking pumpkin muffins for every child. 
And the youth came over to make freshly squeezed orange juice from our orange trees. 
The kids continued to invite friends as the week progressed! 
Auntie Teddy is guiding the boys into leading worship... 
Moses played guitar while the kids sang! 
Captain Salvation made a grand appearance. 
 Scripture speed quiz
 Memory verse competitions
 Uncle Peter is great at leading sports and games
 I love playing on the sidelines
 Teammates had to give instructions for the ball to be hit blindly.
 Fun times!
 This little one was just having fun in the dirt!
 So adorable!
 Moses helped with worship all week.
 I gave a little "Fruit of the Spirit" speech every day; desiring to become more and more like God.
 Moses and Peter make a good team.
 "I command my waist to praise the Lord!"
 Small group Bible discussion.  Moses led the teen class.
 I had up to 54 kids in my small group.
 This class was ages 6-9

 Lots of storytelling, coloring, sweets, and talks.
 Back on the pitch for more games...
 And then back in the church for more stories.
 Please pray for these children... that we may see the fruit of the Spirit in their lives.