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Friday, March 3, 2023

February 2023 - God is Moving in This Place

February was full of relationship moments - over music, meals, Bible study, and more.
Moses is working with the praise team - to get the songs ready for Sunday.
He often plays the bass during the service, but you can also find him on drums, guitar, or keys.
Let me brag for a moment... I love a husband who helps with cleaning!
And is a man of prayer. God answered his prayers, because...
Four young men gave their lives to the Lord after service.
We hosted a Valentines dinner during a power outage.
Our Sunday school classroom is getting a little crowded. Many kids were even missing this day.
David shows mercy to King Saul by not killing him when he got close enough to cut off the corner of his robe.
This group is made up of university students who have a campus ministry called GUPSA - they meet for PrimeTime Bible studies in their dormitories, or run fun events in the main hall, like: worship nights, movie nights, and Question nights.
I've been preparing a few online sermons recently.  Three of them are on my FB wall.
Moses and Pastor Jimmy, along with two other pastors from Livingstone answered questions during a campus evening event.
Students asked questions like: What is the worst sin ever? What is the difference between righteousness and holiness?  Are women allowed to wear trousers, jewelry, and have their hair braided? How do I overcome low self-esteem?  
A few days ago, Moses and I led a 3 day module for Timothy Leadership Training (TLT)
There were 18 participants who were actively involved, and together we prayed over the Action Plans for Kingdom Change - in caring for God's people.
Moses is going through Every Man a Warrior with his men's fellowship group.
The joy was present in the pool last Saturday.  Grace was delighted to be baptized!
Nine people went through this beautiful sacrament of baptism.
Pastor Moses and Jimmy had the humble privilege of being a part of each person's baptism.
Concy was shining!
Micaiah was reveling in this moment - of strengthening his testimony of new life in Christ.
Dawn was brought to tears by the goodness of the Lord.
When you see this kind of thing on FB, you pause and thank the Lord.
So, apparently this food is beef and white ants (termites) and quite yummy.
The TLT group in Kitgum.
One of our church members graduated from university, so many of us celebrated.
Moses will not hide his light under a bushel.  He is sharing God's Word with zeal!

Friday, February 3, 2023

21 Days of Prayer

The month of January had us praying together as church family.  Many also fasted from 6am-6pm as we brought these requests before the Lord.  Monday through Friday we meet at the church at 6pm to sing and pray together over the daily requests and then we have a simple snack to break the fast.  On Friday and Saturdays we meet in the homes of church leaders - again to sing and pray, but to also share a meal. It is a blessing to know the Lord hears our prayers and it is helping us to grow in unity as a church family.

Day 1: Prayer Points

1. Pray for University Community Church, Gulu City, and the Country of Uganda

Day 2: Prayer Points

John 3:16-17

1. Pray for the salvation of unsaved members of your family and friends 

2. Pray for the lost that attend UCC to come to faith

3. Pray for a great harvest of souls this year as we share the gospel among university students.

Day 3: Prayer Points

1. Pray for our leaders at UCC for wisdom to lead well, hearts after God. 1Tim 2:1-4, Heb. 13:7 

2. Pray for UCC members to know God more &  grow in their commitment to serve this year Heb. 10: 21-25

3. Pray for all who regularly attend UCC to seriously consider formal membership.

Day 4: Prayer Points

1. Pray for UCC as a whole to grow in reliance on God thru prayer. (Hebrews 5:7). 

2. Prayer for UCC Kids to know the love of Christ and share it with others. (Prov. 22:6).

3. Pray for authentic fellowship that demonstrates the gospel. (John 13:35)

Day 5: Prayer Points

Gal 6:9, 1Cor15:58, 2Thes 1:11-12

1. Pray for our serving teams for growth both spiritually & numerically

For the grace & strength to serve excellently this year

Worship team, Ushers, Sunday school teachers & Deacons

2. Pray for us to have a media team this year

Day 6: Prayer Points

1. Pray for our plans for this year Prov 16:9

2. Pray for God’s provision to implement those plans. Phil 4:6-19

3. Pray for friends and well-wishers of UCC that God may reward their generosity.

Day 7: Prayer Points

1. Pray for UCC to be more intentional on missions this year (Matt 28:18-20).

2. Pray for Peter and Concy beginning to serving in Kabong next month. 

3. Pray for health and restoration for UCC members with health struggles. (James 5:14).

4. Pray for open doors and direction for those searching for jobs.

Day 9: Prayer Points

Pray for the peace & prosperity of Gulu city Jer 29:7

1. Pray against violence caused by Agu who attack people and are make Gulu unsafe. 

2. Pray for leaders to lead Gulu to its prosperity in Christ. 

3. Pray for the cost of living in Gulu to reduce so that the city and its people can prosper. 

Day 10: Prayer Points

1. Pray for God’s will for Gulu to come to pass. 

2. For Churches in Gulu to show Godly example by being salt and light. Matt 5:13-16

3. For the unity of the body of Christ in Gulu. John 17:21

Day 11: Prayer Points

1. Pray for missionaries in Gulu and all their efforts towards advancing the Kingdom.

2. Pray for the poor of Gulu, those living in slums and squalid houses with no access to basic needs

Day 12: Prayer Points

1. Pray for the political leaders of Gulu, such as Local Chairmen, Mayors and MPs, for wisdom to lead well. 

2. Pray against corruption in local government & improved service delivery.

3. Pray for judiciary to deliver justice for all.

Day 13: Prayer Points

1. Pray for a spiritual transformation in Gulu & a great awakening to truth. Hab. 3:2, Ps 85:6, Ps 80:19

2. Pray that false prophets/teachers/pastors will be silenced Titus 1:9-11, Jer 23:16-32

3. Pray for those who stand for the truth to speak up & their voice to be heard to the glory of God Ps 37:30

Day 14: Prayer Points

1. Pray that Jesus will heal, restore, and strengthen every marriage and family. That husbands love their wives as Christ loves the Church & wives will submit to their husbands. Gen. 2:24

2. Pray that the hearts of parents will be turned toward their children to love them and raise them in a Godly way. That children will respect & obey their parents. Ps 127:3–5; Eph 5:22-33,

3. Pray for local businesses in Gulu to prosper.

Day 15: Prayer Points

This week we’re praying for our nation Uganda.

1. Pray for our president, Y. K. Museveni that he will lead with wisdom. Romans 13:

2. Pray for wise advisers to our president. 

3. Pray for his Salvation and protection

Day 16: Prayer Points
1. Pray for spiritual awakening or revival in Uganda Isaiah 60: 21-22
2. Pray for the church to return to the preaching of God’s word Psalm 119: 129
3. That God’s people will walk in holiness and obedience 2Cor7:1
Day 17: Prayer Points
1. Pray that Uganda will not bow to the pressure to accept worldly ways as a human right.
2. Pray for our legislators/MPs to formulate laws that protect against immorality
3. Pray for our boarding schools not to be used to recruited children into sexual sin and ideology
4. Pray for proper sex education through the family and the church to preserve the moral values of our society. 

Day 18: Prayer Points
1. Pray for justice for the poor and marginalized. Prov. 31:8-9. 
2. Pray for the tax burden to be lightened, especially taxes that cause prices to increase. 
3. Pray for children and youth, who tend to be the majority, to grow in the fear of the Lord. Ecl 12:1

Day 19: Prayer Points
1. Pray for inter-tribal unity and against tribalism in Uganda.
2. Pray for Ugandans capacity for local transformation and not rely on foreign support.
3. Pray for more jobs and for unemployment levels to go down. Also for youth to have a positive attitude towards work. Col 3:17

Day 20: Prayer Points
1. Pray for out health system to improve. Government to invest more in hospitals and health centres. 
2. Pray for health workers across Uganda to be resourced adequately to serve the people. 
3. Pray for a corruption-free police. That they may also be better paid. 
4. Pray for teachers plight for better pay to be hard by the government.

Day 21: Prayer Points
“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thess. 5:18
1. Thank God for answered prayers
2. Thank God for our church, city and country. 
3. Thank God for the 21 days of prayer.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

The Kids said Thanks!

 After being with some amazing students for a whole year, I received some fun goodbye/thank you cards that my have put a few tears in my eyes.  Every day, 5 days a week, when school was in session, I was sharing God's Word and training them in Biblical history and I loved every minute of it.  I pray that the Name of the Lord was glorified and that the kids grew in grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Mostly Meat...

 Moses and I absolutely love hosting, and to be honest, I think KK's goes a little overboard. A few years ago, our home was named KK's, meaning Karen's Kitchen.  And this December didn't fail to live up to the name. Although the kitchen is now MoKa's - Moses and Karen's.

A group of friends from Soroti came home for 4 days, so we finished our time together with a good, old-fashioned pork roast.
Then we got set for loads of Christmas festivities at home.
The end of year UCC (University Community Church) membership meeting was held at home.
Pastor Jimmy presented a wonderful summary of the year's activities, successes, and outreaches, and we wrapped up the night with another big meal.
This heavy bird was one of two turkeys that were prepped for Christmas dinner.  I had a young man come and slaughter the bird... as in take its life, but then I do all the cleaning and de-feathering.  A long process, and much easy on chickens.
Can I just be honest?  Moses loves his pork and I have to join him!
He gave up grilling this way and finished roasting it in the oven.
I'm so thankful that I have a husband who takes his time in God's Word more serious than meat.  It's another FOOD that he Chews on and Delights in often.
This was our Christmas party at church - another great meal shared.
And then Christmas day had 18 people in our home...
I can't believe 5 of us ladies found space to do the last minute dishes for Christmas dinner.
I look forward to having a home where even larger crowds can gather.

By the time Christmas was over, we were a little crazy!!