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Monday, December 2, 2019

Wedding Bliss

November 16, 2019
Karen Lubbers weds Moses Odel

 Prayer time
 ... especially over the rings

 "Your people will be my people!"

 Rachel & Eddie Andersen helped lead worship
 Me and my matron - Jeannie Wiarda

 Mommy Oliver, worshiping God
 Dad preached the sermon!

 Lighting the Unity Candle

 Traditional wear in Uganda

 Teddy, Bob, Grace, Patrick, Moses, Karen, Jeannie, Jesca, Sam, Vanessa, and Festus

 Uncle Tony was my clan leader!!

 The Andersen's blessed us with a song
 Moses gives Mom and Dad his dowry
 "100 Camels"
 Uncle John, representing Moses' late Papa.
 Emotional Moments - with Best Man Patrick
 Receiving the blessing
 Dancing with Dad
Bishop George MC's while Pastor Job receives a gift.