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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Oh Canada Moments

I have been in Canada for 6 weeks now and I've spoken in 5 different churches.  I've also had some good times with friends, family, and nature.  I don't always find home service the easiest of times... I find them lonelier, and I'm far away from my work, home, and other people that I love.  But, God is good and here is a glimpse into a few treasured moments!!
At a cousin's baby shower... Grandma is trying to figure out the size of the mother's waist.  :)
 Sharing about Uganda at a CoffeeBreak picnic in Etobicoke
 At Ska-Nah-Doht village - just a tiny peep into First Nations history
 The People of the Longhouses
 Getting ready for a church presentation
 While driving up to Williamsburg, near Ottawa - Mom and I stopped at the Big Apple.  :)
 Da Bears!

 The Locks in Ottawa
 Canada Day festivities - I love the patriotism
 In front of the court house
 Always happy to celebrate with my parents
 On Parliament Hill
 I've never been in Ottawa for Canada Day celebrations before...
 I believe we had a lovely time there!!
Street art
 Great First Nations performances!!
 Awesome fireworks display
Go light your world...
 Proud to be Canadian!
 Watching the sunrise as I began a 17 hour fishing trip to Toronto
 A peaceful day on the waters - only one salmon was caught.
 Taking out the braids
 Hmmm... I will miss the green
 I love the purple
 On the wild side...
 Tamed again...
 During a week of training up new missionaries at the Global Outreach Mission offices, we took an evening get away to Niagara Falls.
 I made the whole group stop to see the Laura Secord house... our Paul Revere of Canada.
 The US side of the falls
 Evening glory
 Horseshoe Falls
 In the GOM office, a small group of volunteers tag prescription glasses, before they head out on short term trips to countries that need eye care.  I'm excited that the next trip will be heading to Uganda! I just hoped I read the prescription correctly... it's not easy aligning the lenses with the machine to catch the numbers.
These glasses were a little easier to handle! :)

Thursday, June 6, 2019

IF Gathering, Preaching and Teaching

IF Gathering 2019 was once again held in Jinja.  I am so glad that I took along a few precious ladies in my life!!
 These junior disciples love going on road trips and learning more about God!
 Rose, Grace, Me, Vanessa and Teddy - soaking in the Word, speakers, and fellowship.
 I am a new creation!
 Here are all the missionary ladies who serve with Global Outreach Mission in Uganda...
Natalia, Me, Stephanie, Chasity, and Christina
 Every Wednesday evening I lead a Bible Study from "Lead Today" at one of the local sponsorship sites.  These teens are motivated to become better Christians and better leaders.  
They even battle many rainstorms to make it to class.  Rainy season has trapped us more than once.
Each teen has their own book, to dream, plan, memorize, define, discuss and review.
I recently took part in a 3 day workshop on how to reach out to our teens better.  Many leaders realized that the "Faults" are ours, and that we need to build deeper relationships for the teens to feel valued and be successful.
These young boys will always have a special place in my heart...
And I love seeing how creative they are becoming!
Each neighbour child made a hat for the birthday celebrations
The "Lead Today" groups vary in size, but the Lord is at work.  God has a deep plan for each of these underprivileged teens.
And already I have noticed 2 or 3 very strong leaders in the group.
Happy hair day... now I don't need to do anything for the next month.  :)
Tea Plantations - always a beautiful site to behold.
Posho (corn meal) and beans with greens - a national staple meal
Preaching about Spiritual Gifts one Sunday this month.  I always feel like God stretches me way out of my comfort zone when local pastors ask me to preach, but I am faithfully ready to accomplish the work.
As an example that day, I gave out gifts - some big, some small.  Some many, some one.  God disperses the gifts to His people is a spectrum of ways as well.  We just need to be willing to accept and use the gifts God has granted us.
I've heard reports since that Sunday that the church really appreciated the teaching and desire to have more, deeper Biblical truths shared with them regularly.  I know that God's people here are thirsting for knowledge and truth.