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Monday, October 14, 2019

Precious Moments

At the moment, it is truly rainy season.  When I first moved to Soroti in 2009, you could almost set your clock by the time it would rain - 4 pm.  Now days it rains anytime, all the time.  But through it all there are little reminders of God's faithfulness.
 Here the rainbow is shining over the compound.
 God's glory is being revealed.
 Once again I've had the privilege to share God's big story with a few Sunday school teachers.
 Pray for these ladies as they desire to begin a small children's ministry class in a new church plant.
 I'm thankful to have Beckie Olupot in my life - a good friend who just celebrated another year.  It was too cute when she joined David in attempting to blow out a sparkler candle. :)
 Just another Sunday, walking home from church.
 Last week Beckie and I decided to join our two ladies Bible study groups for a crafts night, with a yummy meal and sweet fellowship.
 For many of the "Precious Daughters" it was their first time to attempt string art... but it was cool to see them put all their creative energies into the process.  
 The Junior Disciples also created, hosted, and entertained.  :)  
And we feasted on fried irish, roasted goat, and yummy salads.

 Here are a few pieces of art... I loved this one!
 "Just Trying"
 Teddy with her monkey tree...
 On Wednesday morning it was refreshing to sit through a "5 Levels of Leadership" presentation and discuss some tools for developing Godly leaders.  I'm so glad that Teddy and Grace, who have finished the Lead Today curriculum were able to participate fully.
 Then Wednesday evening we had a sports leadership meeting in my sitting room.
 This group really challenges each other to grow personally and in ministry.
 Especially ministry involving sports, children and teens.  
 Friday night I once again crossed the new bridge over the Nile River.
 Some man-made structures are pretty cool.
 But God's artwork is the best.
 His Wonders never cease to amaze me.
 Good night Jinja
Hello hills of Entebbe

Another shower

Soroti is a town with over 50,000 people, and it feels small, and yet, there are enough expat / missionary ladies to make a nice Bible study group of friends.  These sweet ladies through a wedding shower for me last week and I'm going to let the pictures say it all.