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Friday, February 8, 2019

Working in Teams

Over the years that I have been living and ministering in Soroti, I have had the privilege of building up a great network of friends and colleagues.  I love it that I have friends across the school system and church communities.  
 For 6 years now I have been helping with Bible Club at Rockview Baptist Church.
 The teens this month were busy studying the book of Nehemiah and learning lessons from his life of prayer and dedication.
 Then of course, there is the ladies Bible Study group... And I am glad to say that 3 of the ladies successfully completed the Lead Today series and graduated with joy.
 Teddy, Jesca, and Grace are not just in the Bible Study group... they are my co-disciples, juniors, family, ministry partners, and friends.  We enjoy so much of life together and they often come to KK's for some yummy eats.  They are dreaming of a new restaurant in town - KK's - Karen's Kitchen.
 Now, Peter and Teddy are not only part of the Rockview Baptist group, but they also go with me to train Sunday school teachers and guide in Religious Education programs.  Peter ropes me into Sports ministries that are stretching for me.  And Teddy hooks me up with sponsorship programs and youth retreats.  Our paths cross all the time.
 Grace loves to help me cook at KK's... and she is becoming a bigger part of my ministry circle.  I have often served with her - at schools, retreats, trainings, and Bible Study.
 Then there is the old team... when I originally came to Uganda, I served with other Americans, and recently we were able to reconnect at a youth conference in Tubur, where we were both guest speakers.  Teams become my family here.
 And I thank God for a servant of God - Bishop Sam!! Last week we led a two-day workshop in Pingere and he wanted to serve as my translator for 1.6 our of the two days.  :)  We had a great time encouraging one another on in the work.  And I pray the youth were blessed too.
 Uganda is so relational, and I am glad that the relationships can spread across so many facets of life.  I look forward to doing more ministry with the almost retired Bishop Sam, as we seek to see change in the lives of the youth and desire to model lives of integrity.