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Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Set My People Free"

Scrolling through my pictures of the last two and a half years, I saved some of my best shots in a special file and brought the whole lot to my Team Leader - Dave Commire.  (Thanks Dave - so very much!!)  I also sent a touching song, sung by Dara Maclean (I listen to her awesome music almost every day)... and a day later... here is my life, summed up in photos.  I am so excited to share this video with YOU!

"Set My People Free"

By Dara Maclean

I once was a captive heart
Crying out like a fire alarm
Then grace rescued me
You never stopped ‘til I was found
You never tire of calling out
This love is everything

After all You’ve done in me
I will be Your hands and feet
Follow where You will lead
As You say

Set My people free
Go into the world, every boy and girl
Deserves to know a life far beyond the fight
And reach where there's no light or hope
So the captives know
And My enemies can see that I will
Set My people free
Set My people free

Who will listen if I can't speak
I'll never move a mountain with arms so weak
With one word You can make them fall
You go before me now
Your faithfulness destroys the doubt
Your strength is fire to my soul

After all You’ve done in me
I will be Your hands and feet
Follow where You will lead
As You say


There's no weapon that will stand against the power I have given You
No army that can stand between the prisoner and the truth when You say
Set My people free, set My people free


Set My people free
Set My people free
Set My people free
Set My people free


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Still Running

Good morning friends!  The weeks continue to sail by and now I'm only 3 weeks away from leaving Soroti... I'm heading home to Ontario for 4 months.  But I know these next three weeks will still be busy.  It's very exciting to adventure every day with God.
 A gift from a dear friend - totally made my day!
 Earlier this month I was invited by Bishop to share at a school in Pingere...
 Bishop and I had fun speaking with the kids... I shared Bible stories for an hour with this school.
 Oil of Gladness entered into God's presence - leading all three services at PAG in Soroti town.
 The whole band was together to lead worship.
 The church was packed at 7am, 9am, and 11am.
 Grace and I couldn't stop dancing.  :)
 The whole crew of Oil of Gladness
 Me and the Boyz
 Still working on our piggery... hopefully piglets will be in soon, so we can start raising them, and selling them, to make some money for musical instruments and equipment.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Training Teachers in the Church of Uganda

In January, after the youth retreat for the Church of Uganda, I was asked by the Reverends to be the main facilitator for their 5 day training for children's church leaders.  I was excited about this big project and I talked my fun friend - Tereza (Teddy) - to help teach with me.  Hopefully the pictures will tell it all!
 Memorizing the Bible stories with hand actions.
 Keeping the balloon off the ground... concentration and teamwork.
 Elijah is praying for fire to come from heaven
 There were 60 church leaders attending from all over the Soroti Diocese!!
 Action songs "12 Men Went to Spy on Canaan!"
 Story time... a ram comes to take place of Isaac
 I love it that Pinky, my bear that I received for my first Christmas ever, could play baby Jesus. :)
 The Israelites in the desert.
 Casting out evil spirits.
 Sit down, stand up... another stressful game.
 I also tied some Evangelism Explosion into the course.  Jesus alone is my Saviour!
 I'm grateful that the crowd was very participatory.
 Singing and music = huge smiles!
 There was even a lesson on protecting those who have special needs in the classroom.
 Judas Iscariot appears again.
 "Simon Says"... teaching the basic games.
And a lesson on seeing, hearing, and doing.
It was an exhausting week, but I loved every moment of it.  Meeting new people, sharing God's Story, being dramatic, being led by the Spirit.
Now I'm praying that these leaders will take this curriculum, knowledge, and excitement back to their churches.  Please pray with me, since these teacher took home curriculum for over 4000 children!!