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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February Favourites

 Here are some shots of life in February. 
Pancake Tuesday with the Neighbours

Teaching Arthur to make pizza

He's a quick learner!

He wants to be a chef!
Some kids just eat your heart!

Reading by solar light with precious Becky.
Hiding in my room,
Keeping me up at night.

Dead Rat!!

Trying to keep our borehole alive
Pumping Water
I love God's creation

Happy Valentines

Encouraging kids at CASSO orphanage
Sam introduces everyone

The teens sang for us visitors

Birthday Cake at boarding school
Happy Birthday Adiba!

The piggery doors are a little out of control...

Bear is the big Boss!

Waiting at the petrol station...
My car has had 6 punctured tires in 2015