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Monday, February 17, 2014

Bibles and Boys

A phone call came in from a friend, late on Friday night.  The Bible Society of Uganda was just coming back from Kaberimaido, after launching the first complete Bible in the Kumam language.  How amazing it is to have God's Word completely translated into one of the local languages.  My friend was wondering if I would be willing to store the left over Bibles from the launch for a day or two, before another place was found safe to keep them.
 I quickly opened my home to host God's Word!!  And I was delighted to hear that over 2000 Kumam came to the Bible launch.  People are thirsty!
 I pray that the Holy Bible will be read and lived out here in Teso Land!
 Then this morning I again woke up to the sounds of the neighbour kids yelling "Auntie Karen, we want you to bring us to school!"  Who would not want to bring a bunch of three year olds to their nursery class just up the street?  I jumped out of bed to escort my little ones.
 Precious is waiting with me, as the boys finish bathing for school.  Their shoes are polished and ready to go!
 Ocen, Precious, (Copper the Dog), and Opio are prepared.  Hankies in the pockets and coins in their hand for snack time.
 Off we go!
 Opio and Ocen have eaten my heart completely.
Ocen didn't like being left at school, but the others were glad to be in class again.
 And really, I must share my Valentines photos with you all!  I went all out making a heart shaped meal...  The biscuits, meatballs, and chunks of pineapple were all cut into heart shapes.  The rice was dyed a lovely shade of pink. 
 The boys feasted on this fun day of love!!
I'm so glad I could host awesome friends in my home once again.  I love Soroti!