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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Birthday Balloon Ride

Last year, 2014, I received a wonderful birthday present of a hot air balloon ride.  After more than multiple attempts, and over two summers, I was finally able to fly. 
Actually, we almost didn't fly because it was so nice there was absolutely NO wind. 
Oh the adventures!
 God's sun came shining over our early morning ride.
 Preparing the balloon for departure... fans filled the balloon with air.
 The final touches... propane fire!!
 Mom and Dad were down in the field... can you see them?
 I dressed up for this bright morning outing.
 My Holmes Adie Syndrome eyes kind of freak me out.
 About 45 minutes in to the ride we found winds of 4-5 km
 The pilot had his first ever tethered landing.  The winds started changing directions and we had a very creative road landing.
 Our ground crew worked hard to help bring us down safely.
 I loved the landing and it added a half hour to the flying experience.
 Safely back on solid ground and not in the middle of a corn field. :)
 Can you see me?
Thank you God for a delightful day!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Science + Jesus = Super Fun

It was a privilege to once again join Mom and Dad in the annual Vacation Bible School program in St. Thomas.  I had so much for with close to 60 children.
Being the main Bible story teller, I was able to share stories about creation, sin, Jesus, and our role to share God's salvation with the world.  Tying the stories to science experiments was the best part!
 Professor Karen

In my lab

Mixing God's truth and chemicals
Professor George
The kids would sometimes lay around on the stage, after being worn out from playing games with Professor Cathy for a half hour.
Sin separates us from God
A super fun week!  So glad to be a part of the ministry.

Friday, July 10, 2015

On The Other Side...

Standing at Pearson International Airport, it was strange to be on the other side of the arrivals.  Last night I went to the airport to pick up Mom, Aunt Evelyn, and my Grandma who all went to the Netherlands for a fun-filled "family" vacation.  I thought it would be fun to greet each of them back with a flower - in the Dutch style I remember from living in Holland. 
I started thinking about how my family must feel... waiting in anticipation... staring at every face that passes through the automatic doors.  For 45 minutes I was able to have an intriguing and difficult conversation with a man who was also waiting for an in-law.  I kept praying that the Lord would give me the words to say as this 60+ man is totally against any kind of religion.  Sometimes I wonder why God has called me to East Africa when the mission field on the other side of the ocean is so big. 
Prayers, emails, applications, frustrations, hopes, delays... finally... I'm on the other side of the process of finding a new mission.  I am officially serving with Global Outreach Mission (GOM), starting August 1, 2015.  I have been so blessed by the process, communication, and support and I pray that it will truly be a good fit for me to continue doing God's work in Soroti, Uganda.
I am sad to be on the other side of being with International Teams.  I am grateful for the 5+ years - as they were truly a blessing to me on the field in Uganda.
Now I am busy communicating with churches and donors - letting everyone know I'm now with GOM!
I miss being on the other side of ministry... right now friends are participating in outreach and kids programs without me.  I'm glad to hear that the Fatherlessness training went well... and it brightens my heart to hear that Oil of Gladness is practicing in my home, in preparation for a big crusade that we will all be a part of at the end of August, days after my return.
On my birthday I thought it would be fun to visit my childhood and longtime friend Michelle and learn how to milk sheep.  I had a great time hooking up the milkers on the other side of these adorable creatures. 
Monday is quickly coming, but not fast enough for me to be on the other side of last year's birthday gift.  I really hope I get to be up in a hot air balloon... so stay posted.