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Monday, January 26, 2015

Grand Finale

Saturday afternoon, I hosted the Grand Finale to this school break's Bible Club.
39 children came to my house.
 To play with my dolls or play on the piano
 One of them was even wearing my wooden klompens while playing.  :)
 The toy room was full of kids playing "house".
 Others were watching a video or talking.
 Snacks kept flowing out of the kitchen
 Some played "dress-up"
Others did puzzles, dominoes, etc.
A very successful, busy, fun afternoon. 
I'm happy to have hosted some truly awesome children.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bible Club Blessings

During the school holidays, leaders from Rockview Baptist run a really fun Bible Club.  The kids come for a few hours, on Wednesdays and Saturdays for games, singing, prayer, a short sermonette, Bible study, memory work... and they collect points for being on time, bringing a friend, participating, memorizing Scripture, and finishing their Bible Study homework.  Once a year they can use those points to shop in a "store" - filled with personal hygiene items, toys, clothes, school books, etc.
 Here is a simple game... each team was timed on how fast they could get a string into the bottle.
 Kids cheered while others struggled to win.
 I love the simple props to play a game!
This was the class I taught last Saturday.  These kids are great listeners.
I must admit, this holiday term has been difficult, but for good reason.  Three of my leaders are out of town.  One got a full-time job and she's in Kampala for a training, and two others have headed off to Bible college.  Usually, it has been the four of us running the camp regularly, with a few additional helping hands.  But this term, even the helping hands are sparse.  So, on Saturday, only one other leader came and I was so glad because he took over the baby/young kid class so that I could really teach the older students.
Yesterday was unexpectedly eventful.  While biking to the church, I started hearing very loud music and I saw a huge tent set up in the compound.  Over 200 women were there for a week long women's conference that I didn't know about.  A few kids were sitting by the door of the church, looking bummed because their premises was overtaken.  And once again, I was the only leader to show up.  More and more kids came and many of them were proud they had found some Bible to come to study with for the afternoon. The ladies were making a lot of noise, and I started praying for direction.  There was no space to play a game, and even the church sanctuary had no chairs and was overrun with mattresses. Seeing all of this, I also knew there was no way I can run the "store" alone this coming Saturday.  I can't oversee 60 kids, when all of their points are locked in the church office, and no other hands are around to help me.  Soon the Lord gave me an idea.  
Invite the older classes to my house for a party on Saturday.
After telling the kids, they were pumped.  They can't wait for cookies and popcorn.  :)  They are not impressed that the "store" has been bumped to the next school break, which is in May, but they also understood why it had to happen.
I told the kids that we probably wouldn't even have Bible Club that afternoon, because all of our classrooms and spaces were occupied.  They pouted and complained... and said "Oh, but Auntie, we memorized our verses! We want our last Bible Study!" How could I resist?!
Soon we found a way to have all the kids sitting on the stage, resting on a simple carpet, and with papers in their hands, they listened to a lesson on overcoming temptation and putting on the Armor of God.  My voice was tender after an hour of teaching because I had to speak over the women's conference sound system, but I believe the kids actually learned something.  And they had never heard of the Armor of God before.  I was surprised.  Anyways, it's always a delight to do ministry when God is my creative guide.  We had a good day after all.
Now I better head to the kitchen and prepare some snacks for Saturday.  :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sports Gala

Children's Ministry/Youth Ministry is always an adventure.  For the past two day, I was called in to be the honorary guest of the sports gala.  I had fun, staying in the hot sun, watching 5 churches compete for a fun trophy.
 The boys, 16 and under, had a two day tournament... 5 churches sent a team to represent themselves.
 I did mini pep talks, shared a devotional, cheered, encouraged, prayed for, and enjoyed these boys.
 Going into the final game, there was a small ceremony and more encouragement offered.
 All the boys were eagerly awaiting the prize table.
 The winning team received a trophy and prizes, but so did the youngest player, the best striker, the most goals scored, the best goalie, etc.
 Ready for the final moments of a two day tournament.
Yeah!  Global Harvest won!!
P.S. I have received many comments of people seeing me at the Sports Grounds this week... I can't hide anywhere.  :)

Monday, January 12, 2015

A Healing Prayer

While walking home from town today, a young teen started walking with me.  At first I thought she might have been a neighbour girl, because of the way she rushed to walk alongside of me on the road.  But I soon learned she lived further away and she was carrying food for her family.  I asked her "get to know you" questions, like - what level (grade) are you? Where do you go to school? What is your name? Etc.
She was suffering from a rash all down her arms. As we were parting ways, she asked me for 1000 shillings for healing prayers. I didn't give her the money, because prayers are free... but we ended up having the most divine conversation. She didn't know if God heard her prayers or saw her tears. Every day she prays for forgiveness, but she doesn't feel like she is forgiven and she really cries about it.  She wanted to know that heaven was waiting for her, but she didn't know how to get there. I was able to share Jesus with her, pray with her, and I'm glad we could walk that road together. Hallelujah!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Jumping in to January

New Year's Day started with a celebration of thanksgiving in the compound.  My neighbours were hosting over 100 people to say "thank you" for supporting the wedding... so everyone was busy - sorting rice, making pilau, coleslaw, roasting pork and goat meat, and anticipating the arrival of friends and family.
 Sitting on my verandah - talking and preparing!
 My sister was deep frying potatoes
 Another sister was preparing meat pilau.
 There have been a few trips to the piggery as well... I spy with my little eye...
The pigs are growing well!
 Lots of advice and encouragement given
 This past week I have been working hard on helping with a Water For All well-drilling project.  I love the physical labour of getting jerry cans of water for the drillers to use.
 An incredible system to drill a borehole - all manpower!
 Water and earth spews out of the rocket and pipes.
This is week 10 for these men... and they are still happily drilling.
Besides all of these activities - I am once again back in to helping lead Bible Club, and having a few discipleship Bible Studies in my home.  I am looking forward to a few weeks of slowing down because December was way too busy for me. Through all things, I am so delighted that God is my Rock and Fortress!