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Thursday, May 21, 2015

OG's Hogs and Other Things

This week a second sow had piglets. 
 This has been an interesting project for Oil of Gladness, the worship band, because it takes time and it's sometimes overwhelming how many trips need to be made to the village for food, or medicine.
 But thankfully we have 7 new baby blessings! And 6 of them are female!!
 Oil of Gladness could use your prayers right now.  The band has been struggling lately with members who can commit to attend for regular practise.  A few have gone off to school, one has moved away, and our musicians are few.  In our latest meetings we've discussed that we need to recruit new musicians and singers, and I think that's a good thing, but it also changes the dynamics of the group.  May God be our Centre and our Guide!!
Yesterday an awesome friend brought me a gift with this letter.  Totally made my day!!
In town, children know me as a joyful fountain... it's almost the symbol that you would use if you were singing "I'm a Little Tea Pot"... and you are pouring me out.  :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Kid's Sunday at it's Best!

Twice a year the leadership at Rockview Baptist allow the kids to have their own Sunday.  It is super exciting to be a part of children's ministry in this church.  The children led every aspect of the Sunday service.
 The sang in praise and worship.
Brought the announcements and asked others to share testimonies.
 The girls were even taught to play the instruments for the special numbers.
 The singing was a bit off-key, but full of faith and passion.  :)
The boys preached and translated.
I was glad to learn what it means to be a Royal Priesthood.
May the Lord guide and bless these young souls.

Victor is 10 Today!

Victor... the young man in blue turned 10 today.
He had never had a birthday party before.
 So he chose his favourite friends to celebrate and off we went.
Enjoying lunch and games at Eneku Village and then home for cake and gifts!
He's a happy boy!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Shopping at Bible Club

Bible Club... another awesome celebration!
At least once a year, the leaders of the children's ministry program at Rockview Baptist Church try to host a STORE where the kids can go shopping with the points they've earned throughout the year.  Whenever the kids come to Bible Club, they can earn points for attendance, participating in and winning games, learning Memory Verses, finishing their Bible study homework, bringing a friend, carrying a Bible, and more.
 Church and community members donate items for the store! It is super fun to see how God provides.
 Books, Bibles, toys, colours, pens, pencils, crafts... lots of choices.
 No matter how many points you have, everyone gets a snack!!
 Face painting!
 Tereza is a fun leader!
 Beautiful girls
 The older kids started helping to decorate faces.
 I dressed up for the party!
 Captain Salvation showed up to encourage the crowd
 A time of praise
 Calling out names and giving kids their point total
 Once they receive their points... they can go and shop, then pick a snack.  :)
It's always a pleasure serving with Peter and Teddy!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Glimpses of Kids in my Life

 Do you remember Joy?... who had cancer in her eye two years ago.  She is healthy and happy and we are still the best of buds.  She loves it when I come to visit.
 The neighbour kids love to come over and play with my toys... on this particular day it was fun with dolls.  They just eat my heart!
 Copper hangs out with the kids.  He's faithful for sure.
 For about two weeks we had a turtle in the yard.  His name was Leonardo because he was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. :)
 He escaped yesterday and I'm even a little bummed.
 The girls came to do crafts and play games.
 Bible Club today... getting ready for games.
 Now this is what I call Hungering for the Word of God!
 A good crowd for a Saturday afternoon.
 I had a lesson plan of Listening to God and Listening to Others.  They had a scavenger hunt with a few extra creative moments.
 One member of the group was mute.
 One was blind...
And the last was disabled, but it was neat to see the kids help each other finish the hunt and communicate with one another.  It is amazing to me that God hears my every thought, prayer, and word, and not just me... He hears each individual.  How awesome He is!
"Know that the LORD has set apart his faithful servant for himself; the LORD hears when I call to him." Psalm 4:3