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Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Blessed Return

Flying from Toronto to London was a little stressful because I didn't sleep a wink.  I helped a young Indian mother look after her 5 month old baby and 3 year old boy.  She had her hands full, and of course, we shared the same seats... so I entertained and held the baby while she settled the toddler or took him to the toilet.  I even had the baby strapped to my lap for the landing.  These children never slept, so that meant we didn't either, but that was okay, we had lots to talk about.  I have a feeling God put me in that seat for a reason.  Even the flight attendant thanked me for looking after that family as I was exiting the plane.
In London Heathrow I was able to catch up with my team-mates, the Shaarda family, and we shared some snacks before boarding yet another plane.  This time to Entebbe.  I was so happy that I easily crossed customs!!  That is the joy of having a work permit.  All of my baggage also arrived!!  WooHoo.
 Moses was delighted to see Bones (my teddy) and me, and I was pumped to be back in Uganda. 
 Isaac was also full of smiles!! 
These guys were only a little bit quiet when they picked me up because they had to confess that the car had been in an accident on the way to the airport.  Just two hours prior, a crazy van taxi driver cut in front of them, and pulled off the front corner bumper.  Paint was scratched, metal was twisted, and the boys were upset.  Thankfully the guys were quick and the police were nearby... so the taxi driver ended up paying for the damage, which is very rare.
We ended up staying in Kampala most of the next day so that the car could be completely repaired and it now looks and drives as good as new.  I'm just glad my brothers are okay.
 When we reached our hosting home for the evening (I should say - it was 1:30 am when we arrived), luggage was unloaded and so was Isaac's medical treatment.  "Bear, I need your help.  You need to inject me."
 Always up for a new adventure, I filled the needle and slowly pressed medication into his arm.
 Thankfully a port was already there... so the nursing was easier than I expected.
Little did I know that the next night (Friday) there was a surprise party planned at my house.  Because of the car being in the garage in Kampala, we didn't make it home in time.  We were only able to drive part way and stopped in Jinja for the night to stay with our dear friends Beckie and Ruudy.
 Saturday afternoon I finally arrived at my home sweet home.  Friends were there waiting and my favourite pork was ordered in. 
 The house was decorated with signs... yes, glued to the doors and wall frames.  :)
 This sign suggests that I should stay alive... since people need me for a long, long time.
 I love this ghost buster sign... o wait:
It was copied from my wooden bear. :)
 Apparently this is a picture of me... I must truly be coming an African.  :)
 And already I have driven out to Abango village to check on the pigs.  I needed to deliver food for Bear the Boar... he's growing nicely, but Grace the Sow needs a little encouragement.
 My neighbour boys have grown a lot and they were happy to receive gifts from Canada.
 Cake - a must have for every special occasion.
 Clarinets are the new instrument for Oil of Gladness.  Everyone is excited to learn this addition.  One was a gift from a sweet lady and I was able to obtain another online for a steal of a deal.
 Neighbours came over to taste cake.
And I went to spend time with two of my dear nieces. 
I am glad that I have been able to sleep well since coming back to Soroti.  I am sharing my home with a good Ugandan friend for a few months, so we have stayed up, unpacking and chatting.
I've already jumped back into action.  Bible Club was held on Tuesday afternoon... with games, singing, and a lesson.  I had to teach the middle group and review their memory verses. 
I am glad to be home.  I feel good physically.  I feel beyond loved emotionally.  I feel HOME!
(I hope this doesn't offend anyone in the West... I just know that this is the place of my calling, and for that I am peacefully glad!)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Cultural Experience

A rainy morning found me driving around parking lots on the north side of Toronto.  It was my plan to take the TTC Subway downtown to catch up with an old friend.  After finding a spot to keep my car for the day, I made my way over to the station, only to find a vending machine for tokens.  I really wanted to buy a day pass, but I could only find a vending machine selling tokens.  Some nice young man offered to buy my first ride; I was touched by his kindness. 
I am grateful for public transit in the west, but as I was riding into the bowels of Toronto's underworld, I was amazed at how little English I heard.  First of all, people from every tribe and tongue live in this fine city, so I my ears fell upon many languages.  Secondly, many passengers had their ears plugged with musical players and their fingers were busy scrolling messages.
I transferred to a city bus to ride down Spadina Ave.  I felt a smile creeping on my face, as I realized how delightful this experience was for me.  I love being amongst other cultures, and I just rode in shock: for 13 minutes I didn't hear one word of English... and this is Canada.  That doesn't even happen to me in Uganda. 
Chinatown... loved it.
Catching up with an old friend... priceless.
An afternoon at Ripley's Aquarium - totally worth it.  I love how God has created such beautiful sea creatures - for His own glory.  Man is not meant to be 40 feet to 2000 leagues under the water's surface, and so I truly believe that God made all things for His own delight.  It is good!  And I'm grateful that I live in a day and age where there is technology which helps me to see these amazing aquatic animals, full of fins, gills, and scales.  God be praised!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Weeks away...

With just a few weeks left in North America, I took a little getaway with an old friend.  We explored the Historic Triangle of Williamsburg, VA.
 Lots of hiking through colonial towns.
 The King's Palace - 1770's
 In Jamestown, I was used as a model... to show what the Native Indians used to wear... yep, I would only have on the deerskin cloth... nothing more.  :)
 On the ships... coming with the original 104 people who came from England.
 Here's a shout out to Dad... to remember VBS this year.
 The College of William and Mary - such a gorgeous and memorable campus.
 Here would be James River, perfect to bring in boats into Jamestown.
George Washington was reading the Declaration of Independence to me, in Yorktown.
 Learning how to tie fish nets
So very thankful for the people who have been donating treasures and necessities for me to take back to Uganda.  My night-time dreams are filled with people... that I have either spent time with recently or that I am soon looking forward to seeing in Soroti.  I can't wait to be back HOME in two weeks.