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Monday, December 24, 2018

December's Big Moments!

I always love December because it is jam packed with ministry opportunities.  This year there were a lot of opportunities to share God's Word with loads of youth and children.
 I helped lead a 3 day kids club - where we explored who God, Jesus, and His Spirit is and had fun having discussion groups.
 Here I am leading devotions, talking about what happened in the Garden of Eden and how the Lord has given us a new door into His eternal Kingdom.
 I led one of five "small" groups - 21 pre-teens.
 Surprisingly the rains came back, so milk tea was needed to keep warm!
 I was dressing up for the teens retreat - on True Love Waits.
 The neighbour kids try to squeeze in any time to hang out in my house.  :)
 The Catholic youth director invited me to come and share at their annual youth conference.
 Over 10,000 youth sat in an open field - listening to the guest speakers.
 I was given the topic of morality (the evils of porn and media), but I switched it a little to talk about being youth of Godly integrity and making Biblical choices.
I loved being stretched in ministry!
 Then there was a kid's Christmas party - where Captain Salvation and I entertained for most of the afternoon.  Over 100 kids enjoyed a fun day. 
 Then teen camp - talking about self-esteem, dating, waiting, and more.
 190 youth listened intently as they were challenged to be youth who make a difference.
 It's always a blessing to work with a team of dedicated leaders.
Michael and I were doing a drama... 
 Evening debrief and evaluation.
The kids from one of my neighbouring flats shifted this week... and the kids left me these notes under the Christmas tree.  Too precious.
 23 "Freedom Boys" who live on the streets of Soroti will receive a new outfit for Christmas.
 Good old snowflakes... new to many people here.  :)
 Back at the kids party - the kids did awesome presentations.
 Mary and Joseph
 Lots of kids and a few parents too.
Fun times with Captain Salvation!
 Snacks and a meal were served.
 Mendazi (local donuts) and juice for break.
 This week I needed a pedicure to relax.  :)
This home is where I spend a lot of my evenings.  Rose was making chapati.
 Supper with the boys.
 Hitler is patiently waiting for his supper too.
 It's good to be together as a family.
 A few of the other neighbour kids were going to the village for the holidays, so I gave them their gifts early.
 They were so very grateful!
 And then a candlelight service with friends in Obule
 We sang carols
 Read Scriptures and enjoyed fellowship.
Merry Christmas.
I'm grateful for the Light of the World!!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

It's never too Late to Give THANKS!

I thought I would take a few moments to share what I am thankful for today:

1. I am thankful for the gift of life.  Every new day is a precious treasure from God, and for the past two years, I have been even more thankful because I have realized how dear life is.  On October 13th I put out my back... not sure how... but maybe washing clothes... and so the past few weeks again have been a reminder that life and health is a gift from God.  I'm grateful for a massage therapist named Paul who is helping me feel like myself once again.

2. Today my Tata Felicity turns 90!! I am beyond grateful for the Ugandan friends who have truly become my family while I live in the Pearl of Africa.
 3. I'm always happy when my American / International friends invite me to be a part of their celebrations.... usually I am the only Canadian in Soroti... so here is a glimpse back to Thanksgiving.
Empty table

Full Table
 I kind of like wearing Fasteners to Parties.  :) 
4. Last week I finished up the Apostle's Creed Module in Kaberamaido.  In the New Year, Pius and I will continue to lead church leaders in further studies... most likely the Gospels.  
 On our last trip out to the village, I was still too sore to drive, so my sweet friend Tanja offered to be our chauffeur.
 On our way home, we stopped to check out this giant termite mound or ant hill.  :)

5. I don't know how to describe how much I love my neighbour kids. At the moment there are 16 children in the compound and they could hardly wait to set up the Christmas tree on Dec. 1.
 They are always so excited to decorate the tree!!
 It's so fun to have a festive tree while living in the tropics.
 This year my most treasured ornament comes from my friend Heather... she made it out of stained glass for me... just before I left Canada in March.  Other ornaments on my tree are made by the kids or collected in world travels, or tiny smiles gathered along life's path.

6. I am grateful for the fresh fruit and foods to eat in Uganda.  Although this year we did not have enough rains again, so the next few months will be difficult for villagers.
 Jackfruit - so heavy!

7. I'm happy that I am still able to lead new churches or groups through a two day children's ministry training.  I'm glad when church leaders dig into the Word and also learn new things.  One of the Pastors mentioned that this training was eye opening for him.  He thought that children's ministry was for Sunday School teachers alone.  He said he doesn't even know how to communicate with children, he used to believe they were a nuisance and should be left alone, but he has felt convicted to share his life and God's Word with them, wherever he is.
 This young lady is doing an assignment using one of eight multiple intelligences.
 Here the group is trying their hand at mazes, word searches, puzzles that they have never had the chance to figure out before.  They need to know the resources they hope to use in the classroom.  

8. I'm thankful for OneHope who provides beautiful curriculum to share with churches and schools to teach God's Big Story to the children of Uganda.
 Delighting in Drama

9. And now I am grateful for a final successful trip to Kampala... all of a sudden the paperwork was cleared and I now have a 3 year work permit, under Global Outreach Mission.  Yeah!!