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Sunday, July 6, 2014

In America for the Holidays

Friday, June 27th was my birthday... and I thought the perfect way to spend the day would be to drive to Grand Rapids... to hang out with my best friend and cousin - who was hosting a huge fundraiser garage sale.  It was so fun surprising her with my arrival, but hours later, her family surprised me with balloons, and a yummy chocolate cake.   
In the evening of my birthday I drove down town GR to spend time at the feet of Jesus.  Three of us met for prayer and it was such a blessing.  I thought I was going to pray with/for a friend, but it ended up being a 3 hour time of fellowship and prayer with Jesus.  I don't know when I last prayed, thinking that Jesus was sitting right there with us in the room, completely a part of our conversation. 
 Sunday I met with a good friend for lunch and as we were walking through East Town I found this bright red truck.  :)  As I was leaving Uganda, I received a challenge to have fun while home in Canada... I am supposed to go bowling, boating, and drive a monster truck.  This is the closest I've gotten to a "monster truck", but I still don't think it's the real deal.
Sunday evening I caught up with some beautiful siblings... who were my MK niece and nephew in the years ago 10-13 years ago.  What a pleasure to fellowship together!!
 Tuesday I drove to South Bend, IN to meet up with a super good friend that I lived with in Kenya in 2009.  She made me stew for lunch and as I was eating I commented that she actually made me a meal with meat... because the six weeks we lived together in Kenya, in the desert, it was always lentils or beans.  Yum Yum!
 I felt like a tourist on the gorgeous campus of Notre Dame.
Barbara and I went for a slurpee run.
 On to Chicago - where I was able to meet up with former Uganda team-mates.  I am honored to be the first visitor in the Guzzaldo's new home.
 Maddy, a colleague who used to serve in Rwanda, introduced me to Portillo's.  Apparently Chicago also has famous hot dogs.  We were trying to get a selfie with some Portillo's advertisement.  I was holding a cup too, but it couldn't be seen... so we asked for help... and...
 the waiter took a nice close up of us instead of getting up with our cups.  :)
 I drove back to Grand Rapids on Thursday and went to a friends house for a yummy birthday barbeque and was surprised with a special "Canada Day" cake!!
 Proud to be Canadian!
And even prouder to be together with my college roomie - Jeannie!
July 4th was also in Michigan... capture the flag was great.
Yesterday I drove back to Canada.
And then today I received a special message that my neighbour boys miss me... oh, they melt my heart.  I can't wait to get back to Uganda.