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Friday, July 26, 2013

Flying High

For the past three weeks I have been waking up early and heading over to Precious Children Primary and Nursery Schools to guide a few teachers on how to share the Word of God.  We met a few times before we even started setting up assemblies on a regular basis.  We went through a bunch of Bible study materials and I brought over a whole box of FLANNEL GRAPH pictures.  I taught the first week, and now the teachers are taking over.  It is a blessing to see four teachers work hard at reading, understanding, telling, and applying the stories... starting from the very beginning.
Yesterday morning, one of the teachers stopped me on my way out the school gate.  With tears in her eyes, she thanked me for coming all the way from Canada to share with her.  She said my coming to Uganda was no small task, and that she is unbelievably grateful that I am helping her to teach the children.  For a while now she has felt that God wanted her to share His Holy Word, but she didn't know how or where or when... and now, three times a week she can share it with the kids she works with everyday.  God is good!
I was so encouraged to hear this testimony.
Then, when I got home I received a call that if I came over to the flying school I could go up with one of the students who was doing a few practice circuits.  Absolutely YES!!  I never biked so hard to make sure I could see Soroti from above.  I'm so glad that Joseph took it upon his heart to share his learning journey with me!
Soroti Airport
I made it!!  Above Soroti - my town!!

God's Glory

Soroti town and rock

Joseph, my friend and student pilot

Mom and Dad will need to come up with another birthday gift.
Sorry Dad, I didn't see the validation dates.  :)

Village homesteads

Teso land

Soroti Town

Can you find Arapai market?  A huge Thursday market!


Arapai again... it's huge

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Multiplying the Earth

There is an old man who faithfully bikes around town, selling oranges or mangoes that grow on the trees at his home.  He comes straight to your door and sells you fruit in abundance at low prices, but also quotes Scriptures and requests prayers whenever he comes to visit.  A few months ago this man of God fell sick and ended up in the hospital.  In order to cover the medical expenses he sold his bicycle (which he needs to get to town since his home is 16 kilometres away) and paid for the hospital visit and some medicines.  He didn't have enough medicine to finish the dose and his blood pressure was very high, so he came requesting assistance.  Together we went to see the doctor and I made sure that he was getting the right treatment. 
Then a little while later, a friend was offering him a bicycle at a discounted rate and he was able to raise half himself, but needed assistance buying the rest of the bicycle.  I just kept thinking about my elderly grandfathers... and how much I would be wanting to help them if they had to bike 16 kilometres into town just to sell a few pieces of fruit.
So then, last week, this old man came to my door and told me that his wife really wanted to meet the angel who was helping her family.  I really didn't want to go and spend a day in the village, but it ended up being a true blessing.
 The children stayed home from school, so they could meet this white lady who was coming to their homestead.  I'm always amazed at children looking after children.  A 6 year old carrying a 2 week old.
 The father wanted to know if I could offer any wisdom to his four sons.  He had only four children because he knew he could provide for those ones, but now two of those boys are married and already have 8 children each.  One of the sons said to me, "Auntie, will God judge me for not multiplying the earth enough?  My wife has produced 8, but the doctors fear for her life if we have another child.  Is family planning okay?  What should we do?"  That was the basis of a very interesting discussion - about God's commands, blessings, forgiveness, and grace.  I finished the day sharing Bible stories with the whole family, after partaking of a simple meal of rice, chicken, and atap (sorghum and millet bread).
 Something exciting... one of my favourite, or classier joints to eat in town just brought in a cappuccino/espresso maker.  Today was a day for free samples.  :)
 Betty wasn't so sure about the ham in her croissant, and I needed more sugar in my coffee, but it was a very fun experience.
Goretti couldn't finish her hot drink.  :(

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Weekend Totally Worth It

Saturday morning early, I traveled with my sweet neighbour Rose and the Fisher family - my team-mates.  We were all traveling down country for various reasons. 
 Deciding to take the back roads, instead of the broken tarmac roads, we actually had a very smooth drive.  I got off in Iganga to surprise an old college friend.
 Derek sent me an email a few weeks ago, wondering if I was far from Iganga.  He was coming to Uganda for two weeks, with a group installing solar panels in a school.  I didn't know if my schedule was clear until after he had boarded the plane and they somehow we lost email connections.  I called the hotel where they were staying and ended chatting with his team leader, that I would be joining them for Saturday night and Sunday.  What a great blessing!!  To hear how God has been working in his life for the past 12 years and to see how the Lord is using his team in Iganga.  I was truly refreshed joining the group for meals, church, devotions, and fellowship.
I came home last night to find out that my friend Norah had a baby girl!!