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Friday, April 10, 2020

Good Friday story... Because I Love YOU!

Moments of March 2020

March felt like a month that we were under quarantine for a long time... and yet we accomplished much.  It was a full month indeed.
 Here we are with 31 pastors and church leaders... taking module one of the Timothy Leadership Training course.  Moses was a huge promoter for this training at Deliverance Church, Soroti, and we played a big role in hosting and feeding all the participants.  Anthony Systma (World Renew) did a great job facilitating the week long course on "Caring for God's People".
 The discussions were deep, Biblical, and sometimes controversial.  We have so much to learn in making sure that people feel loved, valued, heard, supported, and cherished.
 I kept record of all the financial accounts... including being the tax collector for those who had to pay fines for being late or having their cell phones make noise.  :)
Moses and Anthony have been drumming a little more together too... Moses always loves learning musical tips.  He walks around the house doing paradiddles all day long!
 Here is our 3 month Action Plan - with our goal for Kingdom Change.   It might not work in the time frame because of the Covid-19 lockdown, but we shall find a way of making a tool to support our local church!!
 I'm thankful for this garage in Kampala... the owner always makes sure our car is well looked after!
 Einstein... getting updated and aligned
 God's glory revealed in the Kampala skies.
 This bridge cracks me up whenever we travel.  I just had to stop for some Isolation Tourism.
 I'm grateful we have Bolt in the compound... he occupies many of my evenings.
 He's cute and hard to train.
 Riding in our compound... trying to keep active.
 This photo, I just love! It describes the times we are in.
Here's another one from FB that speaks to me.
 Wiffle ball... more activity!!
 Just before the lockdown was announced, a few of us GOM Uganda staff were able to have a meeting - for prayer, accountability, and encouragement.  I cherish what God is doing in their lives!
 Standing on guard at our gate... let the stay at home begin...
 For church now days we stream into the Junction and listen to my Dad preach!
And of course... what is quarantine without a puzzle.  :)  We have also learned a few new card games and recipes.  We thank the Lord we are healthy and safe.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Disciples Making Disciples

Please check out this blog post... a story of discipleship!!  

Monday, April 6, 2020

RGM - We're in This Together

Another video of encouragement for this time of a worldwide pandemic.