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Monday, November 19, 2018

Discipleship is Key!

The longer I am in Uganda, the more the Lord has opened the doors for deep discipleship and Biblical training.  I am so excited to be sharing truth with God's people here in Soroti and surrounding areas.
 Last week I was invited to attend a training with Freedom in Christ and so I took a few close friends with me and we shared a lot together.
 Josh Shaarda led the workshop and the Holy Spirit worked in people's lives!
Lot's of Spiritual breakthroughs!
 Every week or two I drive out to Kaberamaido, 1.5 hours away to lead a workshop on the Apostle's Creed.  Last week the lesson was on the Holy Spirit.  My colleague Pius thought that I should hold baby Jesus, which I had used as a demonstration while doing devotions at a nursery school earlier that morning.
 So I tenderly held baby Jesus and talked about the beautiful moment of conception with Mary - one of the greatest works of the Spirit!!  Life without Jesus would be meaningless!
 Some of the attendees are very appreciative of all they are learning in this 6 week module.
I'm glad that this foundational statement can be studied... a creed that can be shared by all who participate in the holy Catholic church!
 After devotions about the Antioch church in Acts 2:42-47, I asked the attendees to break into groups and draw the church.  Every group drew a building... and yet we just finished spending 45 minutes talking about the people and services of the church family.  :)  Very insightful!
 It was also neat to see most of them drew a village style of church.
And example at a nearby church.
This week I taught about the church.  The material we are using through Third Millennium Ministries is really solid.  And it leads to great conversation.  The church here is hurting - with jealousy, pride, division, lack of vision, milk vs meat... and so we shared and prayed together about how to seek change.  It starts with me.  
 My neighbour kids continue to be another area for discipleship.  I can love on them, share Jesus with them, and teach them new things.  Here they are making beaded bangles and necklaces.
 Each child also made their own photo frame as well.  They had a blast colouring and then decorating with glittery stickers and pompoms. Jesus loves them so much!
I took a photo of each child and they were so delighted to go home with their finished frames a few days later.  Parents are grateful for my role in their lives.  
On Sunday a few of us had another deep Bible study as we looked at Responsibility, through the Lead Today curriculum.  Afterwards we took time to write letters to thank people who have been responsible in shaping us... and I received this letter.  I was blessed!
P.S. MILK stands for a combination of my names - Michelle Imalingat Karen Lubbers :)
And now for a few fun, extra shots....
 Sunflowers are my favourite!
 A field of cheer!
 I love it that this village church is surrounded in beauty.
Finally - Noah's Ark has grown a little since last month.  Kids and adults alike are enjoying the show on my shelf.

Friday, November 2, 2018

A Glimpse into October

I am just going to send out a bunch of photos to show you a few highlights of my October 2018.
I love sharing in the role of teaching Stories of Hope at Vineyard Christian school.  On Wednesday afternoons it's exciting to see all the staff pull together to make sure that Bible Class is a treasure for the week.  Students are excited about their own books.
I'm grateful to be partnering with OneHope as they provide amazing Bible curriculum for the children of Uganda..
I am also teaching the "17 Stories" during devotions at Stars of Hope Nursery School.
David was packing a picnic lunch to take to his brothers who were fighting in the Israelite army.
Little David refused King Saul's heavy armor.  (Kids were delighted though!!)
I don't want to tell you next week's story - it's super exciting... but I will tell you that:
The Lord is God! Yes, the Lord is God!!
I was privileged to go with a friend and deacon of the main PAG church, to share with the youth in his home church in Kalaki village.
Tom hosted very well and I pray that the youth will truly know that God has a plan for their lives and that HE sees their hardships, but will never let go of them.
Another day I was able to host all of these P7 PLE candidates (in other words, elementary grads) for an afternoon of fellowship and encouragement.
I did well with some one-time honey business!!  I sold enough honey to pay for the 2 jerry cans of honey and I am still eating some at home.  :) Yum Yum.
My friend Peter JJ was sizing a dress that my dear Tata (grandma) gave to me as a random gift.
Still crafting with kids and schools.
I was blessed with huge spools of weaving thread - so let the crafts continue!
Visiting my Indian friends in their home behind one of my favourite supermarkets.  They are so hospitable.  Praying God's truth will be grasped in their lives.
Speaking of hospitality - I decided to have a few friends over for Canadian Thanksgiving.
It was a great evening of snacks, a meal, cards and sweet fellowship.
A few of the ladies who come to my discipleship Bible study group have also gotten into the spirit of crafting with me... all rubbish has become potential in my realms now days.  :)
Painting and cloth wrapping glass bottles.
I almost don't want to admit this... but I hadn't been sleeping well... so I moved to a friends house, and washed all my clothes and bedding from there... and fumigated my room... and well, now, I'm sleeping peacefully once again.  I do believe I had a colony of tiny ants move in that were greatly disturbing my sleep.
And while there... my friend Rachel spoiled me with another Canadian dinner.... a poutine - with cheese curds and gravy, and pumpkin pie - with corn syrop to pour on top.  Delish!!
Another one of my new art projects.
"Let us never stop encouraging one another..." being with our friend Jesca after she lost the baby during delivery.
I have found a great space above my upper cupboards to host my craft project.
Mom and Dad blessed me with a few treasures sent through a friend returning to Uganda.  I'm so glad that valuable luggage space was found to love on me.  :)
I love this Bird of Paradise... so colourful.
A trip to Kampala meant canned cherries... red cabbage... and other yummy eats that are hard or impossible to get in Soroti.
Over the years I have been working on a Noah's Ark collection and I just added to sweet owls that are actually family heirlooms.  Yeah.
A new baby was born to our compound the other night... we are 7 apartment... 3 of which are occupied by singles, but the other 4 flats have managed to get us to 17 children running around.
Here's another shot of the PLE candidates who received a surprise visit to my house to watch a movie, eat snacks, and be encouraged for their finals.
I pray that their FAITH will be strong in the days, weeks, and years to come.