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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Training in Kadie

I think training is one of my favourite things to do.  I was called out to Kadie, Otuboi for another children's ministry and evangelism training.  I went with Peter and Teddy, two very good friends of mine.  They are awesome at working with children and I knew that together we could teach a few fun things in the deeper village.
 Small group discussions
 Dancing for Jesus
 Listen, See, Do... different learning methods
 Luke 15 - the woman who lost her coin
 And then threw a party with her neighbours when the coin was found!!
 17 Stories curriculum
 Explaining the children's portion. 
About 3/4 of the way through the second day, the pastor received a little sheet of paper, requesting that I pause in the training because one lady really wanted to give her life to Jesus and she wanted me to pray with her.  Goosebumps and a hallelujah.  I was so excited as Betty walked forward.  I laid hands on her and prayed for her to become a sister in Christ.  The church celebrated with me!! 
And then we headed outside for more learning opportunities.
 Object lessons from the Scriptures
 And games like "Simon Says"
The whole crowd from Kalaki district

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

OG's Hogs

Oil of Gladness - Live Band
I love these people.
On Friday nights, and sometimes other times throughout the week also, we gather together at my house to make sweet music to our Saviour.  I have probably mentioned these awesome friends before, but I absolutely cherish our times of fellowship and music.  There are close to 15 of us in the group, but not all of them can always make it.
Recently, Moses and I attended a Timothy Leadership Training on "Serving God through Work and Worship" and the Lord laid on our hearts to create a 6 month action plan for O.G.   
Moses, on the right, is a great pianist, guitarist, and vocalist.  Together, the two of us developed a written proposal for our team, and so far the whole groups seems to be tracking with us.  We desire to have more opportunities for music ministry - in the churches, at weddings, or for other events.  We hope to have Bible studies about worship a couple of times a month, so that we can grow in God and His Word.  And we'd like to create an income generating project so that money can be raised to buy equipment.  The group has decided we would start a piggery. Thus the name - OG's Hogs.  O... G... for Oil of Gladness, has now switched in pronunciation.  :)  But only for the farm.  :)  Within the next two years we hope to start raising enough money to get a drum kit, bass guitar, speakers, monitor, etc.
 Here I am with the ladies on Saturday - hamming it up at a wedding reception. 
 Ministry and Mates, who could ask for more!
 Dancing with Joy!
 After our wedding work was finished, a few of us went to visit another member who just had a baby boy.  We showed him with blessings and prayers. 

Thrown Into the Lion's Den

Last Sunday all the Baptist churches in Soroti met together for a mass celebration.  Starting at 10 am the crowds were so huge that the children we sent off the chairs to sit on mats under the tree.  I decided to join the children, since I wouldn't be staying for the whole service.  Ugandan friends quickly asked me to come to the kitchen to get communion plates ready, and I unexpectedly joined the choir for one very fun African song - "Siyabonga Jesu"
 The children joined the adults for worship, testimonies, and special presentations, which took almost two hours before we walked over to the church for Sunday School.
 From there, I along with my delightful and faithful friends - Peter and Teddy, we taught 140 children the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den.  I always love telling stories to the children!  All of these kids were 8-12 years old... we sent the younger ones to another place, with 3 of their own teachers as well.  Huge classes.
 The children made paper plate masks of lions.
And wrote on the back "Obey God - Be Wise, True, and a person of prayer!" 
It was such a fun Sunday - the whole service finished at 4:30, after sharing a meal together.
 Serving rice pilau to all the children
A late lunch
And even later for the teachers.  :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Love Children's Day

The day started slow, with only a few kids, but after music began playing loudly, and porridge was poured, the neighbourhood kids knew it was time to come for "Love Children's Day".
 It was fun walking beside local church leaders, guiding them on how to do children's ministry. 
"Honestly Karen, are all children like this?  Do they really have so much energy and don't sit for long?"  I just had to chuckle... yep, children's ministry keeps you on your toes or on your knees.
 Gaining strength and friends at porridge time.
 Sack racing
Lots of games were played

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hide and Seek

Okay, today I'm in a creative mood, and also wrote this piece for the Writer's Nest back home in Ontario.  This month's theme is "Getting Lost" and this was the first story that came to my mind... a true story of me, when I was a young lass.
The brothers count as
the sister hides;
Into the wood shed she goes.
A chest freezer beckons,
the lid opens,
and in climbs the girl.
The lid seals shut,
darkness envelopes
Screams come from the icy cold.
The mother hears
Panic rises.
The girl's voice is so far away.
Brothers search.
Mother runs to find.
Hide and Seek is no longer a game.
The girl is lost.
The voice remains distant.
A body begins to cool.
The screams don't stop.
Thankfully the girl continues to raise an alarm.
No one ceases the search.
Ten minutes being lost
is eternity in the dark freezer.
Finally, the lid opens,
tears fall,
as hugs give warmth and peace.

"No One is Invisible" - Acts 3

International Teams has a few key passages for the ministry, and here is a poem I wrote in regards to one of those awesome stories.
Thank you once again my dear friends,
for setting me down at the marvelous Beautiful Gate.
I cherish your diligence to continuously bring me
Before the hour is late.
The ninth hours is here, 3pm it is called,
when prayers are once again spoken.
The Jews are arriving at the temple to pray,
a tradition not easily broken.
Living in the shadows of poverty, I beg,
helpless and lame since my birth.
When two men come walking,
and spotted me, with not hatred or annoyance, but worth.
These two men are different.  Christians they say.
Peter and John are their names and they follow "The Way".
With eyes of intent, they approach from across this public domain,
And soon I hear the command, "Look at us!"
These men want my attention, that much is true,
so I gaze at them without any fuss.
I look at them closely, thinking maybe I will gain a coin or two,
not expecting much.
Then I heard an announcement, both disappointing and thrilling -
some words and a touch.
The once called Peter said "Silver and gold I do not have,
but what I have I give you."
These are intriguing words from a man who's a stranger,
what could this Jew possibly do?
"In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,
rise up and walk."
These words I've never heard before,

and my heart is thumping in shock.
Stunned and amused, the man takes my right hand
and helps me stand up.
Instantly my feet and ankles gain strength,
as I put down my beggar's cup.
I jump to my feet.  No training is needed,
but with a heart of curiosity, I begin to walk.
I go with these men into the temple courts,
walking, jumping, and praising God was my talk.
All the people, they stopped and they stared,
beholding this wonderful sight;
that me, the same man, who's been begging for years
was walking with all of might.
Walking and jumping
Leaping and praising
The people were completely awed.
With wonder and amazement at what happened to me,
the people knew without a doubt,
this was a miracle of God.