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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hide and Seek

Okay, today I'm in a creative mood, and also wrote this piece for the Writer's Nest back home in Ontario.  This month's theme is "Getting Lost" and this was the first story that came to my mind... a true story of me, when I was a young lass.
The brothers count as
the sister hides;
Into the wood shed she goes.
A chest freezer beckons,
the lid opens,
and in climbs the girl.
The lid seals shut,
darkness envelopes
Screams come from the icy cold.
The mother hears
Panic rises.
The girl's voice is so far away.
Brothers search.
Mother runs to find.
Hide and Seek is no longer a game.
The girl is lost.
The voice remains distant.
A body begins to cool.
The screams don't stop.
Thankfully the girl continues to raise an alarm.
No one ceases the search.
Ten minutes being lost
is eternity in the dark freezer.
Finally, the lid opens,
tears fall,
as hugs give warmth and peace.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Karen - I remember this moment so clearly even though it was over 35 years ago. That feeling of sheer panic. Praise God that He led you to keep screaming and me to finally look in that freezer. Luv, mom