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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Mixed Emotions in Uganda

Hmmmm, how to even begin to express the journey I have been on here.  I was nervous about flying back to Uganda, but the Lord provided wonderful seat-mates who kept me company during the flights.  One of them was even a nurse who assured me that I would be fine and often told me to walk around and stretch.  I praise God for a good trip.
Then a few days in Kampala - to rest, get over jet lag, shop, and look for a "new" car.  Scoobie Doo, my old Subaru, remains at the garage in Kampala and I'm hoping to sell her soon.  I went to a few car dealerships, but the process is very overwhelming, and after communicating with friends and a faithful mechanic, I am now having a car shipped over from Japan.  Another Subaru Forester!!  But that means I will be without a car for almost 2 months.
At the garage... again!

Scoobie is now addicted to the attention of mechanics
Now I have been in Soroti for just over two weeks and I don't know how I am adjusting.  My house was super dusty so I spent a long time cleaning up 8 months of dirt and rat poop.  Thankfully no termites or other destruction. I'm grateful for Helen, who helped me to wash all the bedding, curtains, and more. Trust me - the house is now organized! I was greeted with love and tears by the neighbours.  I have truly missed them over the many months that I was away.  They delightfully made sure that home was protected and prayed for my timely return.
The kids in the next flat

Vanessa at work, and the twins visiting their sister.
Opio and Ochen love moving to town with me.

The neighbours in an upper flat
Playing in my kitchen... I love their laughter
I am trying to get back into ministry, but my body is struggling still.  I have a lot of pain in my waist and every few days my legs, feet, and sometimes hand swell.  I have never experienced this before, so it makes me nervous.  Also, I don't have the energy to walk much, but I am trying.  Since I don't have a car, I am forced to walk to the market... which moved and is now even further from home... but after walking to the market, I again need a nap.  I still don't feel like myself and that has me concerned.  I will be going back to Kampala in the next two weeks to work on the car issues, but to also see the doctor there and have another check-up.  
All that being said... I am meeting up with friends and getting out to a few schools and churches for follow-up, encouragement, relationship building, and to set up future ministry opportunities.  A partner missionary was in Soroti last week, and so I was able to travel with her to visit a couple of ministry sites and I enjoyed that immensely.  
Guiding teachers in crafts and creative teaching methods.

Together we made lion masks and turned them into
hanging mobiles (not the phones. ha ha)

It was fun seeing each different personality come out in the
 simple art... things new to these preschool teachers.

Lesson Preps with Diana Boot
So, I am taking it slow.  Trying to get around, but also trusting in God's timing.  Since I gained weight while in Canada, many Ugandans believe I was never sick and that I have lots of money from there... so there's that.  I didn't bring my laptop with me during all those months, so I am also getting caught up on my financial/donor reports and hoping to write a newsletter soon.
I just thought I should send a little update. 
Please keep praying for me.  I still feel weak and sometimes scared, but I'm so very happy to be HOME and serving God in the little ways that I can!