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Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Cultural Experience

A rainy morning found me driving around parking lots on the north side of Toronto.  It was my plan to take the TTC Subway downtown to catch up with an old friend.  After finding a spot to keep my car for the day, I made my way over to the station, only to find a vending machine for tokens.  I really wanted to buy a day pass, but I could only find a vending machine selling tokens.  Some nice young man offered to buy my first ride; I was touched by his kindness. 
I am grateful for public transit in the west, but as I was riding into the bowels of Toronto's underworld, I was amazed at how little English I heard.  First of all, people from every tribe and tongue live in this fine city, so I my ears fell upon many languages.  Secondly, many passengers had their ears plugged with musical players and their fingers were busy scrolling messages.
I transferred to a city bus to ride down Spadina Ave.  I felt a smile creeping on my face, as I realized how delightful this experience was for me.  I love being amongst other cultures, and I just rode in shock: for 13 minutes I didn't hear one word of English... and this is Canada.  That doesn't even happen to me in Uganda. 
Chinatown... loved it.
Catching up with an old friend... priceless.
An afternoon at Ripley's Aquarium - totally worth it.  I love how God has created such beautiful sea creatures - for His own glory.  Man is not meant to be 40 feet to 2000 leagues under the water's surface, and so I truly believe that God made all things for His own delight.  It is good!  And I'm grateful that I live in a day and age where there is technology which helps me to see these amazing aquatic animals, full of fins, gills, and scales.  God be praised!

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