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Friday, August 8, 2014

Weeks away...

With just a few weeks left in North America, I took a little getaway with an old friend.  We explored the Historic Triangle of Williamsburg, VA.
 Lots of hiking through colonial towns.
 The King's Palace - 1770's
 In Jamestown, I was used as a model... to show what the Native Indians used to wear... yep, I would only have on the deerskin cloth... nothing more.  :)
 On the ships... coming with the original 104 people who came from England.
 Here's a shout out to Dad... to remember VBS this year.
 The College of William and Mary - such a gorgeous and memorable campus.
 Here would be James River, perfect to bring in boats into Jamestown.
George Washington was reading the Declaration of Independence to me, in Yorktown.
 Learning how to tie fish nets
So very thankful for the people who have been donating treasures and necessities for me to take back to Uganda.  My night-time dreams are filled with people... that I have either spent time with recently or that I am soon looking forward to seeing in Soroti.  I can't wait to be back HOME in two weeks.

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