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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Shopping at Bible Club

Bible Club... another awesome celebration!
At least once a year, the leaders of the children's ministry program at Rockview Baptist Church try to host a STORE where the kids can go shopping with the points they've earned throughout the year.  Whenever the kids come to Bible Club, they can earn points for attendance, participating in and winning games, learning Memory Verses, finishing their Bible study homework, bringing a friend, carrying a Bible, and more.
 Church and community members donate items for the store! It is super fun to see how God provides.
 Books, Bibles, toys, colours, pens, pencils, crafts... lots of choices.
 No matter how many points you have, everyone gets a snack!!
 Face painting!
 Tereza is a fun leader!
 Beautiful girls
 The older kids started helping to decorate faces.
 I dressed up for the party!
 Captain Salvation showed up to encourage the crowd
 A time of praise
 Calling out names and giving kids their point total
 Once they receive their points... they can go and shop, then pick a snack.  :)
It's always a pleasure serving with Peter and Teddy!

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