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Thursday, May 21, 2015

OG's Hogs and Other Things

This week a second sow had piglets. 
 This has been an interesting project for Oil of Gladness, the worship band, because it takes time and it's sometimes overwhelming how many trips need to be made to the village for food, or medicine.
 But thankfully we have 7 new baby blessings! And 6 of them are female!!
 Oil of Gladness could use your prayers right now.  The band has been struggling lately with members who can commit to attend for regular practise.  A few have gone off to school, one has moved away, and our musicians are few.  In our latest meetings we've discussed that we need to recruit new musicians and singers, and I think that's a good thing, but it also changes the dynamics of the group.  May God be our Centre and our Guide!!
Yesterday an awesome friend brought me a gift with this letter.  Totally made my day!!
In town, children know me as a joyful fountain... it's almost the symbol that you would use if you were singing "I'm a Little Tea Pot"... and you are pouring me out.  :)

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