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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Still Running

Good morning friends!  The weeks continue to sail by and now I'm only 3 weeks away from leaving Soroti... I'm heading home to Ontario for 4 months.  But I know these next three weeks will still be busy.  It's very exciting to adventure every day with God.
 A gift from a dear friend - totally made my day!
 Earlier this month I was invited by Bishop to share at a school in Pingere...
 Bishop and I had fun speaking with the kids... I shared Bible stories for an hour with this school.
 Oil of Gladness entered into God's presence - leading all three services at PAG in Soroti town.
 The whole band was together to lead worship.
 The church was packed at 7am, 9am, and 11am.
 Grace and I couldn't stop dancing.  :)
 The whole crew of Oil of Gladness
 Me and the Boyz
 Still working on our piggery... hopefully piglets will be in soon, so we can start raising them, and selling them, to make some money for musical instruments and equipment.

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  1. Am so encouraged by the work you continue to do! Love following along your blog and seeing all the opportunities God is opening up for you as you stay willing and open to his direction. Praying your last few weeks before your visit home will be fruitfilled! Blessings friend!