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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jovial Jacob

The family weekend is drawing to a close.  Boats and life jackets are being put away.  Dishes done, floors washed, bags packed, and children hug their final good-byes.  My nephew, four year old Jacob also enjoyed the weekend with his extended family. 
 This morning Jacob and I were talking about middle names and I asked him what my name is.  He said "Tante Bear", which is true, but my name is also Karen Michelle Lubbers.  "What?" he asks.  "You are a Lubbers like my daddy!!"  Yes, I am!  I guess he never knew how I really fit in to the family.  :)
 Brian and I took Jacob and Caleb out for a canoe ride before lunch.
Fun on the boat.
 Spending time together in worship was also a highlight to my weekend.  We sat around for almost an hour - to sing, pray, and share.  The kids do their best to participate too and it's so exciting to watch.  Jacob loves to sing from the top of his lungs!  O how good it is, when families worship God together.

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