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Monday, June 6, 2011

All Aglow

The Berkshire hills are all aglow with the setting rays of an orange sunset.  The fingers of God spreading over the peaks, displaying His amazing glory.  Another day is drawing to a close and once again so much has happened.  A pancake breakfast and then a sweet morning drive over to the Norman Rockwell Museum.  He was such a humorous artist - I loved his detail and facial expressions.  A picnic lunch was shared before heading over to Chesterwood.  That's the homestead of the man who carved the Lincoln Memorial.  (I remember seeing the Licoln Memorial as a kid - when Mom and Dad dragged us through the streets of Washington DC in 110 degree weather.)  It was interesting to learn about the sculpting process - from plaster to wax to bronze. 

The later part of our day took an interesting twist.  Michelle wanted to find an ice-cream parlour, but the one that Rhoda (our GPS) brought us to no longer exists... and it was slightly out of the way.  So to continue on to a State park our local map got sucked out the window... all the windows were open and I was just wanting to move the map out of the dashboard when it decided to become one with the wind.  Oops... but we had to rely on Rhoda all the more.

As we were heading in the Bash Bish State park, the red engine light came on in the car... anxieties increased, but we parked the car and hiked 300 feet down to a precious waterfalls.  Water and fire - I could watch them forever!!  Hiking back up was a good cardio exercise, and then we prayed til we found a gas station.  Yeah... we found one in time. 
Buba Louie's Sour Dough pizza for supper and a stroll through Great Barrington ended our getaway before driving the 45 minutes back to Vacation Village.  I'm ready to crash.

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