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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cotton Candy Clouds

My trip to the Berkshires had a grand finale.  On our last day we ventured over to the Berkshire Museum to see the gecko exhibit.  The pictures tell it all!  Although, I did learn that geckos do not have sticky feet or suction cups, but millions of hairs that grab the surface to pull them or hold them up.  Very intriguing.

We had been planning all week to finish the trip with a girls night out.  We got all dressed up and ventured 45 minutes south to Stockbridge to the gorgeous, historic "Red Lion Inn".  We were hoping for a fine dining experience, but just three minutes before our arrival the power went out.  The 1773 hotel was dark, but the services were starting to light candles and memorize a new menu.  We could order a salad, the soups while they were still hot, and the grill was being lit in the back yard.  Well, after much discussion I had a small piece of grilled salmon on a salad of spinach greens.  We really wanted dessert - a fancy one - but the server didn't even offer us dessert because of the chaos in the kitchen... so we decided to venture back to Vacation Village, knowing that there were a few good restaurants in the area.

As we were driving back, I fell in love with the cotton candy clouds.  The Lord is amazingly creative.

We went to the restaurant at the ski resort across the road, but no one was around.  The door was open, but not a soul was in sight.  So, back in to the car, we headed back to the tavern where we ate on the first night we pulled in to town.  The servers said that the kitchen closed at 9:30 (it was 9:31 pm) so they were unwilling to serve us dessert.  (A few guys at the bar did want to buy us dressed up gals a drink though - we quickly said No... we just wanted dessert!) 

Last resort, was to head back to Vacation Village and have a chocolate bar from the vending machine beside the indoor pool.  We drove up to the guest offices, walked in to the video arcade... and ... much to our dismay, the machine had an "out of order" sign on it.  :(  We busted out laughing and crying at the same time.  I ended up explaining our situation to the concierge and one of the ladies behind the desk volunteered to get us some chocolate from the staff room's vending machine.  So hear we were... all dressed up, to eat an expensive salad in the dark, and a cheap Kitkat in our room... and the best memories in our heads!

Friday it took us 12 hours to get home... a great trip!

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