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Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Get Well Gift

 I got a precious package in the mail today... perfect for my sore throat.  :)  It's just too bad it took two weeks to get here.
A "waffle story" is mentioned in the card.... well, for my 27th birthday some dear friends surprised me on my special day.  At the time, I was leading a short-term missions team of college students.  They were combining basketball with evangelism ministries for 7 weeks that summer.   I was living in the Philippines then, and my bedroom was up in a third floor loft, with rats roaming under the nepa hut rafters.  At 7 am, I heard singing voices making their way up my circular staircase and soon saw 12 or so heads pop up into my room.  They were singing "Happy Birthday" and each person was holding a home-made birthday card for me.  So precious.  Psalm 27 was read.  And a breakfast tray with my favourite foods was handed over.... fresh mango and banana, waffles, and raspberry tea.
Well, two years later, when I was back home in Canada, a package came in the mail for me from California.  One of my hilariously funny team-mates wanted to make sure I was still getting waffles for my birthday breakfast, so he wrapped an ego waffle in some tinfoil and stuck it in a card.  By the time I opened it, it was moldy!!  But man, did I have a good chuckle in my apartment that morning.  I'm surprised the border patrol let that envelope cross.  :)

Week 4: We Pray for the Discovery Weekend
Day 4: October 20

Read: Romans 10:17 again
"Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ."

Today we pray for:
the Coach who is being sent to us from Home Missions for the weekend.

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