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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bicycle Repair Shop

This afternoon I decided my bicycle really needed to be looked at. The tire was flat yet again, the pedals were squeaking, and the basket was loose. I walked my "Hero" (yep, that's the name written on the bike) up the street to a roadside repair shop. The shop is made up of a few thin branches tied together to form a simple structure for shade... a few ripped and well worn out burlap sacks also cover the frame. I sat on a simple board with two other man as I watched this young guy tune up my bike. Apparently I needed new valves, and that is why my tires were leaking air so much. He tighted loose screws, hammered out of place parts, and checked the inner tubes to see if there was a puncture. He did this by blowing up the tube and then rotating it in a bucket (made out of an old cooking oil jug) of water to see if any bubbles occured. No bubbles, just new valves! After a half an hour, and a quick test ride, he was finished. I asked him how much it cost and he said 1800 UGS. Just to give you an idea 2200 Ugandan Shillings = $1. That is for both parts and labour. And a job well done! I wish that I had my camera with me, but that may have to be for another day.

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