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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Monitor Lizard

Apparently there are more animals in my yard than I remember signing up for. :) A monitor lizard is living under a cement block and termites are eating up my tub surround. When I went to take my trusty bike out the rickety gate this afternoon I found a chicken foot laying by the door. Always something entertaining.

Today we had a team meeting and discussed team policies and procedures. Just to let you all know... I am obeying the 7:30pm curfew. I am getting a lot of sleep out here :) and I am also reading some good books and have just started Wordoku.

The kids in my neighbourhood are cute, even with their ripped shirts and runny noses. Some request rides on the back of my bike or race beside me as I tour down the dirt path. "Yoga" I say to shout out "hello" to all of the people I am beginning to recognize.

For fun yesturday we got together with some Baptist missionaries. Hoky smokes do they live it up out here. Huge houses... they sent crates of stuff over here to fill them and make them look like home. At their house we watched the state championship game between NC and MI State. A runaway game for NC. At least I got to eat Oreo Cheesecake during the game. God bless the Baptists. :)


  1. I looked up monitor lizard online. NOT COOL! they are huge and gross.

  2. They are huge, but kind of cute for me!

  3. good thing you are there and I am here. ;)