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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dancing in d House of d Lord

This morning I believe I found the church that I could become a great part of. Pastor Francis preached a message that was true to Palm Sunday in the Scriptures and the church was packed with people who have a true joy to dance before the Lord. The Pastor has asked me to put together a childrens program and I think I just might do it. There are at least 50 children who would love to have some extra attention. I recently inherited some puppets, craft supplies, and Sunday school materials, so I think I have a little head start. The goal will be to train local church members how to teach their own youth. An exciting project. It is kind of fun to see many Ugandans dancing and using their whole bodies to sing songs. Arms swing as we know we are walking side by side. Hands raised as we praise Jesus. Feet stomping as we knock the devil down. Songs that I always pictured as camp songs are real for the people here.

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