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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Flying White Ants

On Sunday night a small group of children flocked over to our gate because there was a bright light on a lamp post and flying white ants could be found. The children spent almost an hour that night collecting these flying creatures. When the ants get caught, they can't fly anymore; their wings fall off and they stay in the bucket.
Again, at 7:30am on Monday morning the children were pounding at the gate because they wanted to come in and collect more white ants. Throughout the night many bugs flew to the light, but within the time of 8 or so hours they no longer fly. These big ants are now crawling on the ground, wingless.

As I walked through the neighbourhood I noticed that many people were collecting, saving, and drying these white ants - so I knew they must be something special.

At five o'clock that night, when I went to visit my friends Prince James and Norah, I was presented with my own bowl of flying white ants. First they are cooked over the fire quickly, just to kill them. Then they are laid out in the sun for a couple of hours to dry. Then they are fried with just salt in their own juices.

And of course - down the hatch they go. Actually, really yummy. By the end of the night I probably had 8 or 9 handfuls from various homes. :)
Can I bring some home for anyone?

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