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Friday, April 3, 2009

Taking flight

It is hard to imagine how hard it is to get my life and ministry off of the ground here. I think I am grounded for a while and the engine is in need of tuning... I'm doing fine, it's just hard to feel motivated to go out and meet people when all they do is stare at you or laugh mockingly. There is so much to do that I just don't know where to begin. I wish that I could fly around as freely as the plastic bags that float in the wind.

I am also searching for plane tickets to India right now. I hope to go for a week in June to attend a friend's wedding. Fly Emirates looks like the airline of choice... I'm just trying to find cheaper tickets.

Today I have written a few letters home, grilled some pineapple, and moved my bed to another room - I have four to choose from. Hopefully the cows won't wake me up anymore. This afternoon I hope to set up Monday's curriculum to begin tutoring Lydia and also catch up with some of the girls at a hostel across from my house... some of them might like to get together for a Bible study.

I hope to have a table by the end of the weekend... it's hard to do all of my journalling, writing, and eating on my bed. :)

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