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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Upcoming Retreat

Next week I will be traveling down country with my team-mates to meet at a place called Garuga, just outside of Entebbe, for team retreat.  I would love it if you would join us all in prayer for the following things:

§ For the Lord to prepare all of our hearts, filling us with His Spirit and breaking any barriers of pride, selfishness, lies and fears that we may have, so that
· we will be able to clearly see, hear and follow His direction with excitement and anticipation
· our hearts may be aligned with His heart
· love, unity, humility, grace, healing, hope, and discernment to abound in all of us
· He may be blessed and glorified

§ For a hedge of spiritual protection around our team as a whole, Scott & Jill Olson (coming from Illinois), Anthony Jones (UK), and the childcare workers, and also around every relationship within our team

§ For God to give wisdom to Tim & Angie, Scott & Jill, and Anthony as they prepare to lead the retreat

§ For the children of Team Beyond and the childcare workers, that God would provide a safe, edifying, and joyful time in which He captures their attention and their hearts

§ For the Holy Spirit to fall upon Garuga Resort, sanctifying the spaces and preparing the way for our arrival

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