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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cagayan de Oro Flooding

My heart is saddened this week to hear of the floods that are occuring in Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, Philippines.  I lived in CDO for the first of my three years in the Philippines and I have many wonderful friends there who are greatly challenged by these rushing waters.  I would like to share with you my msn chat with my friend Aliza this morning... may it increase your prayers for this suffering island.

The discussion started like this:
K - How are you girl?
A - I'm great.  Our house is destroyed though
K - Really?  Your house is gone.  So sorry to hear that.
A - Yes and Boknoy's is gone too.  (Another dear friend of mine)
K - is Boknoy okay?  And his family?
A - cagayan is coping... boknoy is well so is his family... how did you know?
K - fb posts... I don't see or hear the news here in Uganda... no tv or radio

Then Aliza went on to share these very incredible stories of how God was watching out for His people:
its approximated to thousands, because others are missing and the most painful part is that since we have little funeral homes here, the dead bodies were thrown in the dumpsite, (you've been there before) and the city is starting to smell specially balulang where our house is.
but so far, God is good. we were supposed to go home to talakag that night but we had a flat tire at the same time that the mountain collapsed. i was complaining to God saying Lord its signal number 2 and we are stranded here because of a flat tire and then we fix it and the tree fell down right in front us, it was a big tree, and it was now 12 am, the same time that the flashflood that hit the cd and the bridge overflowed and the same time that the mountain collapsed,. landslide that it, i realized then in the morning that God was preventing us from travelling, because we could have died then.
i thank the Lord for the protection, i sat down and thought, O Lord, thank you for the protection.   i couldnt see it at that time, i mean we were literally stranded on the road because the manga tree fell down, we had to drag the small branches and wait for some help to cut the tree so we could pass. we were stranded there for like 2 hours.
i was soaking yet because of the rain, was so thankful that Stella and Aloha were with me during that time, cause i went out to get them and the place where they are staying is one of the major destroyed places, people are hanging on the roof just to be alive, the water was like 30 feet... i could not imagine it,
but there more better stories though(: like Ate Ching Lopez story.. ^^ (Ching was my room-mate!)
all of the cars were gone but her multicab remained... (: amazing right?
so many christians are alive and got a testimony to tell. can you still remember Pastor Ong and Ate Lenie?

well, Pastor Ong wasnt there, Ate Lenie and Kring their daughter were stuck in the house they could not get out, their parlor was gone, all that remained are the flooring of the house, and they broke the window and swam, the water was so strong, technically their house should be destroyed and they should be dead too but the water was calm, inches separates them from the strong current, it was a miracle they survive, because the water was so strong, yet when they were swimming, it was so calm, they were on the roof till 7 am in the morning, the flood occured after the electricity was gone, and it was 12 am.
Jezeil and Andrew as well, they could not get out of their house, if they go out, they are dead, so they stay inside, put their children on the table, and then let it float and they were holding the table, they were int he water for 7 hours, i went there and i told myself they should be dead, the other houses were completely destroyed, but their house is intact and the water was ceiling level just enough for them to breath,. she was crying and all they could do was pray to God.. amen

and Galdo family.. Kuya Arnold tied ate (his wife to him) and they swam, he was badly wounded and in shock but it was a miracle they survived, their house was the main line, all the water came rushing through them, it was a path for the water. some of their neighbors were swept away...

MayMay and KringKring has the same experience.. most of the Living Hope members (The church where I used to attend) were affected.  i told my neighbors and friends that houses can be rebuilt but this 2nd opportunity that God gave to us cannot be measured, cannot be paid.

if you are here, you can see dead bodies on the streets, so many unaccounted for, and no water... ):
i learned a lot being a pastor's wife, we could not always control our circumstances but God's sustaining grace is more than enough to see us through.. that phrase really became a reality at that time.. when i saw dead children below 4 years old and even an infant that was stuck on an electric pole, i could not comprehend but God reminded me that hey my grace is sufficient for cagayan de oro.. !!!

which is why now, we are mobilizing my young people, we will clean the houses that are intact and help the families in putting their house back in order again, it might not seem like much but our church doesnt have the financial resources to support the affected people but we have the heart and manpower to help.. Go CLEANING.. (:

I am so happy to hear from you, it reminds me that im still alive^.^

I will be gone a minute from now, i have to go to balulang, where our house is and we need to arrange on which house we will clean first, those that cannot afford a cleaner so that can have a cleaner house for christmas, and i have set aside a little bit of something so we can bring food just enough to feed 100, i can only contribute this much but i wanted to do something even if its just a little thing to help my city.. (:

thanks for praying for us... you have no idea that seeing you online brought me immense joy, and your newsletters brought me happiness too.. i thank the Lord for your friendship and for your life... (:
That's the story I heard this morning.  The names will be unfamiliar to many of you, but I know each and every person she mentioned and my heart breaks.  I wish I could be there to clean with them!!

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