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Friday, December 2, 2011

My Soroti Home

Landing at the airport on Wednesday night, I was greeted by my team-mates, Tim and Steve.  They loaded all of my luggage on the top of Tim's van around midnight and then we drove to the Adonai guest house in Kampala where we promptly went to sleep.  At breakfast on Thursday morning I was showered with hugs from the rest of the guy's families ... lots of Sliedrechts and Tiesengas.  :)  By 9:30 am we were on the road.  We decided to take the long route home, because at the moment there is a 45 minute stretch of road that is taking three hours to cross... so instead of driving 6 hours to Soroti, we drove west, with an incredible view of the Nile river, and took 7.5 hours to get home.
 The Nile river was rushing greatly, pictures don't do it justice... I couldn't get a closer pic because there were security officers nearby.
 We saw a small group of Baboons as we past near Murchison Falls.
 I was greeted by the chickens at my residence... I believe there are 5 hens and 2 roosters.  One cock is going to have his life taken if he want to cockadoodle doo at 6:15 am right outside my window.
 This is my dog "PAL" and I have a cat named Mustard also... don't worry, I didn't go out and collect these animals... I am living with another team-mate who has a passion for these creatures.
 Here is my Subaru Forester.  I drove it briefly last night, but I have to get used to the clutch.  It's been a while since I drove a stick transmission, so today I practised first gear and reverse in my driveway. 
 At least my driveway is long enough to handle the training lessons. :)
To the left of the photo you will see a sitting hut and a volleyball net - where neighbourhood kids daily fill the yard.
 Here is my home sweet home... I am too blessed.
 These are the boys quarters and outdoor latrine.  Don't worry - I don't keep boys locked up and I do have indoor plumbing... it's just that many Ugandans would prefer a pit.
A view of the back of my house - I rode that trusty bike all around town today, revisiting old friends and running errands.
(Indoor pics will come when I am more settled or unpacked.)

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  1. Karen, it's so good to know you are safely "home." I miss you, but I'm glad you are where your heart belongs! :)