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Friday, December 30, 2011

Church Under the Mango

Winnie called to delay our agreed upon meeting time.  That was not unexpected as things never start on time in Uganda.  She called me a half hour later and informed me that I could now come.  I was actually glad for the delay since it gave me time to stop by the post office and pick up my first PACKAGE!! 
shirt, tea, napkins and tissues, chocolate and fudge, socks, pocket calendar and stationary.  Woo Hoo!
I drove out to Goshen Nursery school and picked up Pastor George and his beautiful wife Winnie.  They were excited to see me, ride in my car and show me the location of their humble church.  Within moments we were underway, driving up Serere road to a very sharp, yet remote turn-off.  It felt like I was pulling into someones backyard, but it was more like a roadside bar that I had to pass through in order to get to the final destination about another kilometre up the road.  We pulled into a compound and went to sit under a mango tree.  The mango tree was in full flower at the moment, which stood out from the other mango trees in the neighbourhood.  The people in the area say that tree is blessed because a small church meets there every Sunday to pray. 

Three rustic wooden chairs were brought out for us to sit on, while the old lady who owns the compound sat out on a woven mat.  She asked us to pray for her husband because he has been sick all week.  This lady didn't speak any English, but I soon learned that her husband eats little and drinks a lot and that makes him sickly.  People passing by noticed that we were in the compound, so they drove up the street to find the man at the bar.  Moments later he came slowly biking into the yard to greet his guests.  The conversation was actually interesting and quite varied.  He is trying to build a small hostel for high schoolers to stay in since there is not much room left in town for boarding.  He is also very glad that the church meets on his property. 

I'm glad I was able to meet some of the members of this church because that is where I am choosing to worship on New Year's Day.  I got home at dusk, in time to take my laundry off the line and have dinner with my house-mate.  Another good day in Soroti.

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