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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Evangelism Explosion

With the hot African sun beating down on my quickly weathered face, I continued to bike around the neighbourhood of Nakatunya to visit friends from 2009.  I stopped by the mud/grass hut of George and Catherine who are my Ugandan parents.  It was sweet to receive hugs and to talk about all that life has presented in the past few years.  Then I went over to the next compound, hoping to find a few other people, but instead ending up spending an hour talking with a Godly man named Pius.  It was such an encouragement to talk with Pius.  He truly cares about the children and he has such a heart for evangelism.

Goosebumps grew on my arms when Pius started explaining a training he attended in August.  He proudly went and got his certificate to show me, along with the materials that he studied.  The books were colourful, and clearly printed on the front were the words “Evangelism Explosion International for Children”.  EE for kids!!  Wow!  You see, in college I took two years of “Evangelism Explosion” for adults, and I think the material is fantastic as it clearly lays out the Gospel message and the plan of salvation. 
Pius wants to do some Bible studies with up to 30 children at a time, and he was wondering if we could do it together... especially since I seem to know the material so well.  He mentioned that at the moment he has 200 of these little books for kids and he said that because he took the training he can always get more for free.  I truly hope this is an open door for ministry.  These books are a precious tool for reaching children for Jesus.

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