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Monday, November 23, 2009

Introduction in Tororo

On Saturday I went with my friends, Lawrence and Thomas to an Introduction in Tororo. Tororo is about three hours away. An Introduction is sort of like an engagement party, but it's also the day when the dowry or bride price is discussed between both sides of the family. The boys wore ephods, or kanzus, to keep up with the Buganda traditional dress.
The groom had rented a bus to take some of his guests from Soroti to the festivities.
When we got there at 4:30 in the afternoon, the men lined up and the women lined up, and then together we marched onto the bride's homestead and found a place to sit under a large white canopied tent. I even helped some of the ladies carry gifts to the brides family - gifts of soda, meat, jewelry, etc. Goats and bulls decorated the driveway as well. Thankfully it had already been discussed how much the bride is worth, because I don't think I could handle that talk.
For entertainment, between all the speeches and discussions, there were some very traditional dancers. Wow, these people could truly roll their stomachs energetically.
The lady below is the oldest lady in Lawrence's family clan. The groom is a cousin to Lawrence. I'm sure that this lady is over 100, but no one quite knows her real age. A very precious lady. I tried to communicate with her while sitting on the bus, but her Enlish is non-existent, and so is my understanding of her language.

By 8 pm we were all sharing a meal together and then we loaded back on to the bus and headed back to Soroti. Now there is only one more cultural celebration that everyone tells me I need to attend, and that is a wedding. Cheers.

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