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Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Dramatic Twist

Recently I was talking with the young people who help me with Sunday school and I thought it would be fun if we put on a big drama for the kids, to re-enact some stories. These young guys loved the idea. "Africans can act!", they exclaimed. So we planned to meet on Saturday afternoon. I asked them if I should bring some ideas and they said, "No, we have lots of suggestions."
Yesturday afternoon, after visiting the roadside bicycle repair shop, to put a bolt on my back fender to keep it in place, I biked the 25 minutes out to Pamba. I met at the house of my Sunday school helpers. To my delight Moses and Carol (who has been away at school the past few months) were both there and ready to plan. We sat inside the simple brick house and they brought out their notebook. The first page was titled "Life is Very Hard in Africa" and then they had made a list of the hard things:
  • getting water from the well
  • farming / digging
  • traditional clothing and torn clothing
  • education
  • church
  • preparing meals
  • making money
  • going to the market
  • biking

Well, yes, I agreed life could be hard in Africa sometimes, but I wasn't sure how this could be a Sunday school lesson. I challenged them a little and said, "How do we see God in all of this?"

We came up with a plan to add music and prayer and encouragement through each scene of the drama. But they also changed their minds about acting. They want to make it a video or photo exhibit presentation. I am doing my best to work with them on this funny presentation... it certainly wasn't my idea, but that's probably a good thing. I really want to encourage the young people in their gifts and dreams and so I will make this work. We are going to plan a few photo opportunities between now and the 13th of December. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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