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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sitting With Rats

Working alongside of fida personnel today, we struggled to put together a budget for 270 former LRA child soldiers who are being invited to a sports day.  On August 15th another soccer and netball tournament is planned, along with speeches, drama, and music.  The figures seemed really high, so I took the numbers for rice, beans, sugar, tea, meat, etc to the market to see what I could find out.

My sweet friend Nuru was very helpful.  A couple of months ago, she was in a vehicle accident and injured her leg.  She has only been back in the market maybe two weeks now... selling bananas.  She uses crutches to get to her stall in the market, then she spreads out a burlap sack to sit on, and spends her day from up on a high platform/table behind her pile of bananas.  Nuru asked me to join her up on the rickety platform and so I did!  We stretched out our legs and starting talking about how things were going for her... for the market... etc.

It wasn't long before I pulled out my list of prices needed and Nuru quickly swung into action.  She yelled over to one friend to bring a pen for us and she called two others to be runners for prices.  It was so cool to chat about how many Ugandans we could feed off of one kilo of rice (probably 6-8 people).  They gave me tips for cooking rice in the village and knew where to get the best of supplies in bulk. 

I was trying not to pay attention to the rats that liked to dash around, just inches from my feet, as they dove in and out of banana bundles. 

These ladies all gave me honest figures and an hour later, I was heading back to the fida office to help prepare the final budget for the Kampala bosses.  It seems like we now have a workable plan... let's just see if it can be pulled off in the next two weeks.

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