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Monday, July 30, 2012

Too Many Mzungus

I love being in Uganda... the people are amazing... the culture is exciting... and even though I strive to spend time with Ugandans as much as possible... I am grateful for a few Westerners in my life.
Meet Levi Kolb... he is just starting to like me!!
Kate Tiesenga
A seed sitting competition!
 For some reason I kept saying "Speed Sitting" all day, and I can't prove it to you, other than you will have to trust my word, but I started to type the same thing, even one week later.  :)
All of us mzungus were invited over to the Shaarda's to celebrate Drew Tiesenga and Lydia Shaarda's birthdays.
I didn't realize I was the only girl trying to pop balloons.  I came in 2nd!
Mom, you would be proud of my cake decorating skills.
Drew is 11, Lydia is 9!
Other kids are either Independent Baptists or part of Team Beyond,
 through International Teams.
  This weekend I went to Jinja with my team - SoPaTea.  It was very refreshing to spend a few days away, praying together, hanging out in the pool, Seeing and Savouring Christ with the help of John Piper, singing loads of worship songs and having fun!  We needed to discuss our on-going NGO status / work permit situation and really unite as a team to serve God in Soroti.
The Tiesenga's are in front and to the right of me.
Steven and Tanya are the proud parents of Ashley, Drew, Troy and Kate.
The Kolbs are to the left:
Rachel and Bobby with their precious sons:
Nico and Levi
Jumping for Jesus
On the far left is Beckie Carlson - a good friend and team-mate...
another single gal to join the ranks and care for the CAAF kids.
Who can stop a photo shoot when everyone is in the mood?
What a bunch of posers!

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