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Monday, July 16, 2012

A Funeral and a Sleepover

After church yesterday morning, I was talking with my landlord and other friends, and we all decided to go to the funeral of a young man who was murdered in Soroti early Saturday morning.  Around 2:30 pm I drove out to the burial location with my friends and we found our way to chairs under a shade tent.  The story of the young man's death is sad - 26 year old Daniel was stabbed while trying to rescue a friend from a crazy girlfriend.  But I was thankful for the Catholic priest who led the service.  He did a great job preaching and he still offered hope for the family and the murderer... through the grace and forgiveness of Christ.  It was very touching to stand at the grave site, silent tears gathered in my eyes as I watched family and friends put a loved one to rest. 

When I got home from the funeral I received a text from a dear friend in Kampala.  She was traveling to Soroti and needed a place to stay.  I was glad to offer my home for the night.  An hour later her brother called... he was also coming to Soroti, with his wife.  I talked them into staying at my house too and I was so glad to finally host people in my new home.  Yes, I've had people over for tea... but to share my space and to be flexible is always a joy for me.  My friends left for Karamoja early this morning, but I hope to join them later this week.

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