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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lightning Fast

Oh no, the little yellow warning light just appeared at the bottom of my laptop.  It is going to die once again because there is no power in the house to charge this machine.  But I won't complain... for the past four nights I have been climbing in to bed with lightning storms brightening my windows and the rhythmic sound of rain singing me sweet lullabies as I pass into slumber land.  I am so grateful that it rains at night, so that I can still walk or bike around town during the days to catch up with friends I haven't seen in a month. 

Having come back to Soroti almost a week ago, I would have thought by now that I would have seen everyone, but nope - I have so many friends and connections in Teso Land.  And for that too, I thank God.  I love how each day has its own purpose:  One day to reconnect with my Indian friends, and to sit at their Mom's side in the hospital as she underwent treatment for malaria.  Another day to attend church and to recognize a need there... God is placing a church bishop and his family on my heart - to encourage them in their faith walk after a very difficult and trying time. 

For a few days I have been spending time in town, getting furniture made for my house.  Originally I had furniture all lined up for purchase in June, so my house would be furnished when I arrived back from Canada, but the Lord had other plans... so now I have been getting to know carpenters and choosing a dining table and chairs, a bed, desk, and kitchen cupboards.  A fridge was delivered Saturday, and it's going to be an adventure finding a stove, but I will accomplish this task also.  :)  The house I was originally living in here was furnished, but when I shifted in May, I moved into a completely empty apartment.  It's been fun seeing this house become home... don't worry, when it's furnished I will post pics. 

I have sat down with friends to hear testimonies of what God continues to do in Bululu - the village where I spent a week teaching about Evangelism and Children's ministry.  Apparently the children's programs are exploding in every church and orphans are being taken care of.... and not just with basic necessities, but with love and understanding.  God is good!!  I look forward to going back to Bululu soon to see first hand what God is doing.

Well, I must go prepare a dish for a 4th of July party... have a great day and thanks for popping into my world for just a few minutes.

Oh, and a quick prayer request... please pray that I can get my laptop fully restored.  It crashed while home in Canada, and the hard drive was erased.  Thankfully I did a full back-up on an external hard drive the night before I left... I just haven't got a clue how to put the pictures, music, and documents back on to my computer... and I need so much of that information.  Thanks.

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