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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Peace that Passes

I wanted to share with all of you an email that I just received from a friend.  Some of you might remember me sharing a story of my bicycle being "stolen" from the Sikh temple and the peace that I had knowing that God had the whole situation in His hands... well here is a testimony from Ontario, as a result of the story I shared.

Just the other night someone broke into our car and took my prescription sunglasses and prescription glasses. I was pretty upset, I need them for driving. But all I could think about is you and telling us the story about your bike. I became really calm about the whole situation and what all I could do. I talked to God asking for strength, called the cops, and my insurance company. Five days after my neighbor posted a sign on the mail boxes at the end of the road saying she found ladies sunglasses and eye glasses. I called the number and found out that the lady who lives two house down from us found my glasses. I just wanted to thank you, because of the story you told us that Sunday it helped me though my own situation; to keep me calm. Thank you!

God is GOOD!

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