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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Soroti Town

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I know this map will mean nothing to many of you, but recently Team Beyond split into two smaller focus groups and I'm on the Soroti Town team.  There is a village team and a town team and I am excited about being on the town team - even though I still love and pray for the villages.  I wanted to send you a glimpse of the "town" I live in.  I can't get google to give me a snap shot with actual buildings, but it's there.  :)
Anyways, my team will be focusing on doing ministry within a six block radius... to the right of the two buses on the map.  The needs are great: alcoholism, different religions, witch-craft, homeless and street kids, people with mental disabilities who are seen as outsiders, beggars, widows, crowded girl hostels, business training, prostitution and so much more.  I have been praying for a new focus in Uganda - and at the moment I have a beautiful home, but I'm feeling called to find a place in the downtown area and hopefully I can find a Christ-centred church in that district as well. 
Even though town will be my main focus, I'm glad to know I can still minister in some side projects.  Currently, I am trying to write a 5 day training on Evangelism Explosion and children's ministry.  I say trying because every time I sit down to write, my computer crashes, the power goes out, or someone comes to the gate. 
I ask for your prayers as my team reshifts its focus and in many ways, builds up on the ministries already begun. 

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