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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stewing on Sunday

Sunday is supposed to be a Sabbath day... a day of rest, but my mind is stewing and unsettled.  I just came home from a very honest but difficult meeting.  A few days ago I was contacted by one of the former church leaders that I mentored in the Sunday school program.  He is very hurt that I am not coming back to lead those specific children any more.  He's upset that I am not funding his program for reaching out to hundreds of children.  And he says the church is hurt that I don't go there anymore.  I thought this was already worked through... when I left Soroti in 2009 I said good-bye to the children at Zion church and moved back to Canada.  I had no idea really that I was even coming back to Soroti.  This church leader would often call me in Canada and tell me how much the Sunday school class was growing and how the children were reaching out to their neighbours in some cool ways.  Well, apparently this leader had a vision from God that I was one of five mzungus who was going to help lead this children's program and in his mind, that meant forever.  I had to clearly tell this young man and his brother that even though I still love those children dearly I feel the Lord is leading me on to different ministries now... ministries that fit my team's job description, purposes that fit my passions and abilities now, and roles where I feel God is clearly opening doors.  I was on the verge of tears during portions of this meeting as I was not being heard and clearly misunderstood.  Thankfully the brother was able to catch on to my new calling in Soroti town, and my desire to see other children's programs rise up around the city.  When the meeting was finished I think we all understood each others point of view and we closed in prayer.
The meeting was tense enough for me, but it started off on the wrong foot, because yet again a time was set for meeting and it was delayed by 45 minutes.  I was told to meet them at 2 and I called them at 2:30 to ask if they were coming and they were just leaving home now.  Sometimes I don't understand African time and other times I use it to my advantage.  I can say... "I'll see you on Tuesday" and people love it... whenever I can squeeze in time, I visit.  But when someone sets an appointment with a specific time, I still expect that to be fulfilled.  I have always hated being late for meetings, work, etc so when someone says 2 - I show up at 2.  If I had known I had 45 more minutes I could have done so much more with my time, or at least had tea with other friends instead of sitting in a restaurant lobby alone... for no good reason.  It also makes me feel like they are more important than me... that my time and program means nothing, or has less value.  I don't know why it's bothering me so much today, but it is.
Anyways, I did go to Zion for church this morning, and it was good to see all of my old friends again, but I really want to find a new church - in Soroti town, where I can start fresh, make new friends, and hopefully be fed (big request!).
My car was in the garage all day yesterday... it was seriously overheating and now it needs tire boots.  (I don't even know what those are.)  To top off the list, as I was biking in the hot sun, my pedal come completely off the bike, which meant my left sandal went flying.  I had to stop the bike, with only one foot really controlling it... get off and hop over hot sand to retrieve my sandal and then find the pedal.  When I tried to put it back on, I noticed that all threads were bare... the mechanics had reverse screwed my pedal onto the bike and now it will no longer hold.  Thankfully my team-mates came to pick me and my sad bike up and drive me home.  Tomorrow I will try out the Subaru as I take my dear bicycle back to town for new parts.  O the life!
Tonight I am at least looking forward to worship and communion with my team.


  1. yup, lots of adjustments... i think you need to allow yourself more time to settle in there. spend time learning the language, hanging out, finding your groove vs. diving head first into new territory.

    i also had someone "have a dream from God" about me. my reply was that God did not give me the same dream. if it was truly from God, we would have both had the same dream. if it was just something he personally hoped for, then it was likely his personal dream, and not from God. I had to repeat that several times, but I think he got it.

    sorry you've had a rough day. there will be more!

  2. yeah , that my home base , I hope one time I walk you around , lol , no bike , no Subaru , no nothing , will just be a walk around soroti city and have fun or even ride to lake kyoga , keep up good work for the Glory of our master God , God bless big sis .