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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Power OUT!

Today is the third or fourth time this week that I have wanted to do some computer work during the day and the power has gone out.  I am trying to write an Evangelism Explosion course for a village church in Kaberamaido... they are requesting I come for 4 days, starting February 27 to lead them in a week long training and encouragement session - on evangelism and children's ministry.  I am excited about this great opportunity - to follow up on the Naked Evangelist post a while back, but I just wish that my computer could last longer than 25 minutes when the power goes out.
There is a local shop in town, called Marisa's Documents, that is trying to get me a new battery, but the people on the sending end have been lazy at putting it on the "transport" to Soroti.  One battery did arrive, but it is the wrong size.  Now days, I can't even turn my computer on without an alert saying that my battery power is very minimal and that I should replace the battery.  Ya, I know, I'm working on it... but TIA (This Is Africa) and things just naturally happen slower.
This morning I biked over to NACHU, a local orphanage, to greet the kids, but to also meet with one of the "parents" at the home.  I am trying to help my team - Team Beyond - gain NGO status in Uganda, and so we are requesting other agencies to show us their work/action plans and budgets.  It is really helpful to see how others were able to become a Community-Based Organization (CBO) or a Non-Government Organization (NGO).  If we (Team Beyond) have an NGO status here in Uganda, then it is easier for me to gain a work visa.  So much paper work, time, and travel is needed right now for me to stay in Uganda as a volunteer / tourist and we are praying for open doors!
Thank you readers for continuing to follow my life here in Uganda... each day is a new adventure... sometimes they are low-key and I have to spend the day doing research and reports, other days I can spend the whole day just visiting people, some days are spent in town - going to market, paying bills, and exploring shops, and yet other days are delightfully spent in doing project ministry - encouraging former child soldiers, training pastors in Evangelism, preaching in the village, or speaking at schools.  God is good and I look forward to getting my feet more firmly planted in the soil of Soroti.

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