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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rating TP

Toilet paper is mostly bought one roll at a time, and I used to go by price, but I've got to let go of my frugal attitude sometimes.  There are some interesting brands that have cool logos.  Just this week, my room-mate Beckie and I decided to have a little poll set up, to see which brands we like the best.  We are rating them on tear-ability (as some are super stretchy), absorbancy, softness, and price... along with motto if they have one.  Just for fun, I want to share the names of brands with you:
  • Golden Camel
  • Clean Facial Tissues (even though it's TP) - "Enjoy the best tendance"
  • Liangrou - also - ``Enjoy the best tendance``
  • Xiyangyang Toilet Paper
  • Green Feather
  • YaCai
  • Needz - ``I need, I enjoy``
  • Soft & Clean - ``100% toilet tissue``
  • Luyada - "source of a healthy life"
I know - strange post - I just wanted to share what humours me around here.  :)

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